Thursday, March 31, 2011

Neptune transiting through each natal house

div>Transits to each house are nearly the same themes, but the approach and general energy we have towards those, is colored by each specific transiting planet. With Neptune, the way we live through a specific transit is colored by confusion, idealism or devotion to those same house themes. Changes will happen, we we will find ourselves suffering, confused, idealizing and devoted to personal issues, our family, our relationships and our career.

Neptune transiting 1st house marks the awakening of our personal levels, our soul, a new idealism, and a new softness in the way we relate to the outer world. We might feel terribly confused about our path in life, or we might feel inspired to pursuit a new path in life. We are very open to the energies surrounding us, between the self and the outside world. There might be a more pronounced interest in humanitarian and spiritual matters.

Neptune transiting 2nd house; we still feel confused or idealizing our path in life, and this affects more and more how we live professionally, it affects also our resources and money themes. We might live with little care about money, only to find that which truly appeals us, is how we own living (the way we live, the things we have, the things we do). These are still very much changes at a personal level. Anyone with this transit? I will have this in a few years.

Neptune transiting 3rd, we might feel confused, idealizing or devoted in our daily life, in our day to day existence, a little bit in the same line of the previous two transits. I think all these transits, make us feel closer to nature, spirituality and creativity. In 3rd house, our mind can be saturated with Neptune themes, of devotion, confusion, dreaming, imagination, music, arts, creativity, the things around us and our social living. Communication can be deceptive, confusing or inspiring.

Neptune transiting 4th and we feel lonely, in our own, looking for what it's going on inside, it is a perfect time for spiritual matters, but not so great for social engagement. We feel drawn to meditation and the inner world, we feel emotional. We look for our ideal roots. There is greater emotional sensitivity, as memories and the unconscious is stimulated. There might be Neptunian issues with our family (caring, suffering, devotion, linkage), and you might feel evasive from your career life, parents or boss.

Neptune transiting the 5th might make our romantic affairs idealizing or confused. Gambling and romance might be an illusion. There might be romance for the wrong reasons, it might be unrealistic, illusory, for drama, or deceptive. We know we want to pursuit the expression of our soul and have fun and pleasure, and express it. This transit can be good for creativity. There might some Neptunian issues with children.

Neptune transiting the 6th. I still don't know much about the 6th house transit.

Neptune transiting the 7th brings us devotion, loneliness, or confusion in close relationships. I still don't know much about the 8th house transit. Neptune transiting 9th brings us a very devoted philosophical interests in new visions about life, be it practically, or spirituality. There can be a great engagement with travel and exploration of other cultures and spiritual systems.

Neptune transiting 10th and 11th, makes us devoted (but probably not thinking too much) about our career, devoting ourselves to it, or perhaps with some confusion over it. Career can be a great source of confusion or devotion. In 11th house, we might feel more oriented to devote ourselves to social living, and social causes. And the 12th transit brings a new drawnness to the universal and inner world, to shyness, away from social activity, to the world of emotions and dreams, until a new awakening.

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