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New predictions of the times of major world events in 2011 and 2012: dates pinpointed!

As major transiting planets, cross the cardinal cusp, and progress in cardinal signs, major global events happen.

Let's see the year of 2010 and 2011, in summary, as the Sun and Mars transits cardinal signs, and also Uranus crosses back and forth the Aries cusp. Sometimes 3 or 4 major world events happen within the same month!

Then, we will see which periods in 2011 and 2012 are likely to bring a row of major global events, like it happened now in March. The current intensity of global events will continue through April. Then, the next months of intensity will be July 2011, April and July 2012.

Remember I predicted last Christmas "In summary, the first highly charged period of 2011 will be between mid March and end of April!"

Many dramatic events in April 2010. Opposition Saturn/Uranus in 26 April; Sun in mid Aries, Mars in Leo. Also Uranus near Aries cusp.
  • Poland presidential flight crash (10 April)
  • Earthquake in China (13 April)
  • Eyjafjallajokull eruption and global disruption (14 April)
  • The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster (20 April)
  • The collapse of Greece economy (27 April)
25-29 July, Mars in Libra triggers the great cardinal cross. Some major events
  • The global disclosures of Wikileaks (25 July)
  • Pakistan floods (29 July)
Late October 2010. Conjunction North Node and Pluto. Sun in mid Libra. Cardinal energy increases again crises events.
  • France long-lasting riots 15 October to 5 November
  • G-20 meeting 23 October
  • Earthquake, tsunami and volcanic eruption in Indonesia (25-26 October)
Major events in 17-28 Nov. Mars nears Capricorn cusp. Another row of major global events! Also Saturn reaches mid Libra, a point of cardinal change.
  • London riots 11 Nov.
  • CERN traps anti-matter 17 Nov.
  • NATO summit 20 Nov.
  • Major protests and revolts in Europe (October to December)
  • The collapse of Ireland economy, fears of a Euro collapse (21-29 November)
  • The attack of North Korea, threats of a nuclear war (23 November)
  • Wikileaks global disclosures and scandals (28 Nov.)
10-21 December. Mars in Capricorn. Still the Wikileaks, Korea and Europe crises
  • Wikileaks scandal 1-15 Dec.
  • London violent riots 10 Dec.
  • Rome riots 11 Dec.
  • South Korea drill and near war 22-23 Dec.
Jan and Feb 2011. Saturn has progressed beyond 15º Libra (cardinal change happens). The Muslim uprisings. It has gone retrograde meanwhile. So far, the uprisings have calmed down. As Saturn turns again direct in July, this means that new revolutions might happen again in the Summer and Autumn months!
  • South Sudan independence 9 Jan.
  • Tunisia uprising 14 Jan.
  • Egypt uprising 11 Feb
  • New Zealand earthquake 22 Feb
  • Libya uprising 22 Feb


Mid March 2011.
Mars and Sun near Aries cusp. Uranus also in Aries cusp. Jupiter and Saturn opposition. Again many dramatic events!
  • The Japan earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster (11 March and afterwards)
  • Libya war (19 March and afterwards)
  • The collapse of Portugal economy 24 March
Around and between 4 and 19 April. Sun and Mars join the Jupiter and Saturn opposition.

This is a month of great cardinal energy. More big events are likely to happen. Much intensity. Since this hits directly the chart of many world nations, this might be again a big thing. Maybe a war starting.

28 June to 9 July 2011. Sun progress through a cardinal sign, while forming a big cardinal cross. Uranus and Pluto begin their long cardinal square! And Mars transits the revolutionary Gemini.

This will be probably a time of revolutions! The economy might be so unstable that would trigger that need for revolts. There is a push for revolutionary conflict. This might be the return of the uprisings early in the year, but on a new level. Nations might feel great pressure. Might be Middle East, Europe or another important country. At best, a revolution. At worse, a war. July might be well a month known in history for its riots.

As Mars transits Cancer in August 2011, there might be a new major natural disaster, comparable to the Chile and Japan earthquakes. Could be some events happening between July and August.

There might be more intensity around September and December 2011.

25 March to 15 April 2012. While there is again much cardinal energy, a long opposition of Mars to Neptune. This might be a time of natural disaster, or something that will impact strongly mankind. I am not sure, could be economic related, I even though about the flu pandemic returning again.

1-31 July 2012. Another month of GREAT cardinal energy. At least one or two big events are expected. A new sort of "global focus" on "some important major issue" will happen by this time. Watch out for this (whether a revolution, economic crises, or war) because this might be the trigger for the VERY BIG row of events due to happen by 2013 and 2014. I expect some quite of historical news in July (could be a revolt in some western country, an important moment of crises in the economy) and then again in late November 2012 (more likely a war at this time).

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