Sunday, March 27, 2011

Uranus transiting 2nd house. Money and job issues

I have now finishing a long 7-years transit of Uranus through my SECOND HOUSE.

To put it short: I haven't not only gained the lottery, I haven't gained any big sums of money, I haven't loss money, I haven't experimented with different jobs!

Well, the whole story is different. In fact, I start my first job (a university grant) when Uranus was just about to enter 2nd house. After years of living crazy and free during university (Uranus transiting 1st), I settled down for a professional project. But soon, I discovered that this project was not what I liked, and that my boss restricted my personal freedom. I realized I was meant for a different career, which is a good representation of what the transit of Uranus in the 2nd means.

This happened between 2004 to 2006. Then, I decided I wanted to quit my project, but my boss did not allow me to breach the 4 years contract! At that time, I was occupied with discovering other ways of living, and I even became obsessed with the concept of self-sufficiency, as means to achieve the control over your resources, without the hand of a boss or society.

In 2008, I moved abroad, while working on the same project, but having a second and new boss (while keeping the first one but at distance). In 2009, the project finished and I became unemployed. Until then, I had saved great sums of money, by living very simple. No debts, no big spending, except for a couple of travels.

For the next 2 years, and until now, I haven't earn much money, but neither have I lost or spend much. I have a very careful person when it comes to financial planning.

During those 2 years, I had intermittent short-term paid contracts, and I also volunteered in radically different fields from that of my former career. Therefore, I gradually, built a whole new career, by experiencing new projects, even if I was not being paid for them (volunteering, internships, etc). Changing to a new career that appealed more to my personal freedom, values and happiness, was the main lesson of Uranus in 2nd house.

Jupiter transited 2nd house last year. Jupiter is nice because it has been showing me that there are many possible jobs I could take and be happy with, and as possibilities for earning.

But the thing is, every each I tried, I work, people like me a lot and my work, but don't pay me anything. Everyone says they don't have any chance of pay me because of the recession.

This is obviously the effect of Uranus in 2nd house. Actually I feel much more happy being quite free to swing from project to project, while learning from it. However, gradually my savings are decreasing. But unexpected, a new salary can come next money, by someone offer.

What I realized now is that I could in fact have had a stable salary from beginning to end, but would I really wanted it? In fact, I haven't made the effort to demand that, because I was already thinking in trying a new job/new project, while I was establishing on one.

Finally, I was lost some money. Not a lot. Particularly, in 2008 and 2009, I had some worries, when people asked me to pay some bills, tickets, and stuff like that. I even did not deserve those. But that was Uranus in 2nd house screaming that I should not get attached to money saving. Live in the present moment, Uranus said. Live to your fullest potential.

[B]Any other Aquarius rising with the same experience?????

PS: Natally I dont have any planet in 2nd house, Pisces is in cusp, Neptune its ruler is conjunct the sun in 11th house, and I have been always working in 11th house jobs. No hard aspects to Neptune.

Another explanation is: I have Saturn in 8th house by transit and natally. So, this is Saturn (restriction) of money through other people (8th house).

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