Sunday, April 24, 2011

My personal tale of every house transit I have had...

I still eager to study the big picture behind the transits of outer planets through our natal charts. For that, we have to understand what each house specifically means, from a deeper point of view.

Angular, succedent and cadent houses

First it is important to divide the houses in angular, succedent and cadent. The angular houses is where issues are bring forward, issues of identity and our path, with important choices taken, and movement stirred in one direction. The succedent houses is where that movement is developed, things are manifested, we express ourselves, resources and skills are used. The cadent houses is where we realize that the direction we took has to adapt to the outer world, and so we work details and we prepare the realization that a new impulse will be taken in the next angular house.

A story along the 12 houses

The first house, points to a new beginning, discovering a new path. In the second, we manifest and develop the desires we stated under the first house, more in a practical way, this of course affects our work and how we make a living. In the third house, we confront that we must adapt to our surrounding neighborhood, we think about where we belong. In fourth house, we discover that the security we wish for, is inwards, those are our roots. In the fifth house, we impulsively express our inner being, we manifest and develop our emotions, needs and wishes, as a pursuit of pleasure and manifesting our inner fulfillment. This is again, a great impulse, similar to the first house. In sixth house, we may take the practical steps of that, but mostly we realize we will have to adapt to the world, and work in several practical details. Hence this house is one of much work, testing, perfection. We must work with and serve others. So, as in third house we think about where we belong, here we think about we relate to the outer world. In seventh house, there is an impulse to a new path with others, we relate and balance our path with the significant others. In eighth house, we develop and manifest activities with others, we use resources with others. This is the emotional realm, that relates to the interaction between us and the world. In the ninth, we adapt to the surrounding wider world, this might bring us new horizons and visions, new cultures, new purposes of living, this is also because we prepare to work about where we stand in the world, the next house. In tenth house, we have an impulse to determine where we stand in the world (that actually, was already began in the former fire house), our role in the world. In eleventh, we manifest and develop those impulses, we have our own resources and ideas in the social world, we develop and manifest our social role. We also work creatively with others in groups and causes (opposite to fifth house). In twelfth, we realize that there is a wider world out there, we must adapt to that "divine" and spiritual world. We serve the divine, the universal. We work in inner emotional details (opposite of sixth house). We close the cycle, without the angular impulses, and we prepare for the next angular house, of a new beginning.

My Jupiter transits tale

My personal story of Jupiter transiting through each house starts in 1997 when Jupiter entered my first house; that year, I began to pursuit some serious interest in natural sciences, that lead me to my future career. Much study happened as Jupiter transited my second house, and as Jupiter transited my third house, I moved to another city and had to adapt to life there, this was my entry in University. Then, I settle down in a new house there, as Jupiter transited my fourth house, my first achievement of personal independence. This was a new angular impulse! I also opened up to spiritual ideas (since I was looking for inner security), I became a sort of different person. As Jupiter transited the fifth, I became more expressive, social and engaging in many activities (after the insights of the fourth house transit), and one year later, as Jupiter transited the sixth, I went abroad for first time, once again I was adapting to a new reality. This was happening by the time Jupiter entered my seventh house. I was reaching out to the wider world! That year, I started my first job, got my first girlfriend and my best friends. At the eighth house transit, I developed more these themes, I started a PhD (received a scholarship - shared resources), did theater (intensity and depth of relationships), and experimented with the esoteric and astrology. As Jupiter moved to ninth house, I once again, found myself in a new environment, this time living second time abroad but now on work and not on study. I traveled extensively and discovered ecological living as my new passion and purpose. When Jupiter transited the tenth, a cardinal house, something funny happened. I actually tried to quit my job (because I was unhappy with it, but after talking with my boss, I decided to move my project abroad again). This happened as Jupiter transited the eleventh house. At this time, I met my current partner (a compromise = tenth house), and developed the cause of ecological living (11th house). I spend the days of the 12th house, living with my partner together for first time, enjoying walks on the nature, and meditation, a low social life, and thinking of how to end my ongoing career and starting a new one. Bang! Comes first house, and I actually found new interested and just as Jupiter started the second house transit, I went abroad after quitting my job. Life suddenly become light again! I did not gained any money but rather enjoyed learning new professional skills (2nd house). Now, as Jupiter transits 3rd house and about to enter the fourth, we went living together in an ecovillage abroad, we are learning much, and adapting to this new social life. We also decided to settle down here since they offered us a new home here (4th house theme). Recently, I have been having some new inner insights, like learning to live in the present moment, I guess this will be part of my 4th house transit experiences.

My Saturn transits loooong story

Saturn is different. It takes a long time to transit the whole chart. I remember my childhood days when Saturn transited my 10th, 11th and 12th house. My parents were having a hard time together, and so I lived a few years with my grandmother (which then became sick). I was a very shy kid, feeling socially alienated - I guess it was the 11th house transits - Uranus and Neptune were also transited the 11th and 12th houses, for these childhood and teenage years. I was dreamy and with a big interest in science, having so many outer planet transiting my eleventh and then twelfth house. As Saturn transited my 12th house, it was not only my grandmother that got sick, but also myself. It was a terrible time, I discovered several health problems in a short period of time, but I changed dramatically my diet, and recovered by the time Saturn transited into my first house. At that time, I gained my serious interest in natural sciences. I also moved again back to my parents. As Saturn entered the second, I discovered I wanted to be a Biologist. When Saturn then transited my third house I entered University and suffered the social struggle of fitting in, besides the troubles of study. Soon I got depressed, as Saturn moved into the fourth, but this was my spiritual awakening. It was also when I got to live independently from my parents! As Saturn moved to the fifth, it was a time of fun, the first romances, and studying abroad. Saturn moving into sixth, I finally close down this cycle, I moved again abroad a couple of years after starting my first job, but I was unhappy with my career. It's like all that sudden fifth house fun confronted the work life of sixth house. And as perfect as transits can get, I met my current fiancé, as Saturn transited seventh house. I still remember, first I got into a relationship, as Saturn was entering the descendant but it didn't work. But I was getting serious, and so this attracted the first and current serious relationship. When Saturn moved into eighth house, we moved to live together - again, such a perfect astrology synchrony. But it was a dense time: I was unemployed, because I was still unhappy with my career, which I only changed as Saturn moved ninth house, and we settled down living together in an ecovillage abroad - perfect ninth house symbolism again. It's also a nice cadent transit, by meaning I again adapted professionally and socially into a new social setting. I can only wonder what new great cardinal impulse, will Saturn make me create, in a couple of years, when it enters tenth house.

Uranus and Neptune

I will not talk much about Uranus and Neptune transits, except for the fact that I lived most of my brief adult years, with both transiting my first house, setting up a grand new beginning for my life. Uranus on the first house, was a rollercoaster of personal experimentation and discovery. Neptune, has been a long time of inner linkage, a long period with lots of visions and wishes, but rather indistinct looking ahead, and so I have been finding trust in the overall flow of life. With Uranus transiting the second, I was the struggle for professional freedom, and the realization I needed a new and quite free-concept career. Uranus in third, had been going through a collection of experiences, in which I can express this newly found career, by so adapting to everyday living and communicating (right now in an ecovillage). I have been having a long struggle to find some permanent roots, so I guess a a bit of fourth house influence is already starting to effect its energy on me. At the moment, I am very happy living in the countryside, in our own place, after living many years on a city.

Mars 2-year cycles

With Mars is also easy to discover the flow of each house into the next, and their themes and learning continuum. Mars was transiting my first house (in Aquarius) during many of my recent short-term crises: January 2000, December 2001, June 2003, May 2005, April 2007, March 2009, February 2011. These were also times were I took actions for some major life change. In some occasions, I was very effective, in others this resulted in conflict with other people. Mars transiting the second, was nearly always working on those choices. The first house is often a hunger for something new that often we don't really know what it is. It's like the emerging of a new seed, but we don't know yet what is coming out of it. Just that something speaks from our soul, and we are urged to act. When Mars transited third house, it was rather uplifting and happy times, generally very social and adapting to new social realities. Often, these are just more action related to the wishes that were stirred into action under the first house transit. I kind of see the second and third houses as learning the law of attraction and manifestation, in daily living. The fourth house is difficult to tell what it would be, but generally it defines an adjustment to the circumstances defined before, more in accordance to our inner needs. I don't think it has to mean a change always, but often is, when balance is required, when outer life is out of touch with our inner life. The transit in fifth house, is often a search for real pleasure (sometimes romance), in sixth house, it often involves hard work (I could say that it would be a practical manifestation of the still needed changes realized under the sixth house, often work-related). Seventh house is often marked by great relationship involvement, more social life, and often more career activity. This continues through 8th and 9th house transits. I have had this in summer 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010. When Mars enters tenth house, there is often a reevaluation of life, of taking a stand in our choices and commitments, and so this is a very important time. This happened for me in Feb 2003, Dec 2004, Nov2006, Oct 2008, Oct 2010. I often felt, at this time, a need to check where my life globally is heading, and to take significant action at career matters. This can start under the tenth house transit and continue to eleventh house, but by the time Mars enters 12th house, it is a time for rest, contemplation and nurturing our inner world, just before the hectic first house period.

You can also follow these house cycles with the Sun (an year) and with the Moon (a month).