Thursday, August 11, 2011

The London Riots and Uranus/Pluto square

I said July would be a month of riots (when Mars transited late Gemini - usually Mars in Gemini triggers uprisings during cardinal transits) and I wasn't very far with that prediction.

In fact it is now, as of early August, as Mars entered Cancer and triggered the cardinal square between Uranus/Pluto, that the riots are happening, and also that the stock markets have been crashing.

But this is only the beginning. The Uranus/Pluto square will last until 2015, and Uranus is still in early Aries.

As history shows, things become often more complicated when Uranus reaches about 10º Aries and after that, and that will happen from summer 2012 onwards. Right now Uranus has reached degree 8º of Aries, and started to form the square to Pluto, and this explains the sudden increase in violence, revolutions and rioting. From Tunisia to Egypt, Libya to Syria, Greece to London, and elsewhere.

I said, that with this configuration, the summer of 2011 (and possibly the spring and summer of 2012) would seem similar to that of 1968. Or even the revolutionary waves of 1989 or 1848, and that is what is happening.

What comes in next years?

We have currently a stock market crash, as a recovery seems to fail, and the economical crises now is spreading from Portugal and Greece, to Italy, Spain and France and even the US.

I have said that by 2014, the biggest world powers are going to be greatly affected by the cardinal crises. The Uranus/Pluto square is going to square many important points in the natal charts of many world powers, like the US, France, Germany, Italy, China and the UK. That has happened back in 1930-1935, when the Great Depression happened, Hitler rose to power, and the world was in the beginning stages of WWII.

Hopefully that will not happen again. But I think a second Great Depression is very likely to develop. The debt cannot be buried. If politicians close their eyes, the whole system is going to collapse sooner or later. Now it is the time so that they take drastic measures, like changing the whole system to a debt-free society, but that seems very unlikely and so that's why I say a second Great Depression will happen.

This will come with riots and social unrest like the ones happening in London. Or the terrible terrorist attack by the far right in Norway.

People are getting angry and turning to the extreme, something that happens often when Uranus transits Aries. Violence is a easy channel for a lot of this Aries energy, but it's not the wisest one. I worry that things might get out of control.

The next years, will be best spent away from the cities. The fact that there will be a long standing square between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn is a very clear sign that there will be at least a great tension violence and long-lasting crises, and at worst a huge burst and bang around the world.

After economic violence, there is now social violence (Greece, Syria, London, Norway). And it will become another big problem. Both Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn often bring a very hard fist of power and violence.

I warned before about the issue of intolerance, class, racial and social conflicts. There is a lot brewing in many places (Middle East, Africa, US, Europe). People cannot let themselves intolerant of others, as they do often when Uranus in Aries. Last time, with Hitler and Stalin, millions of people died. The Jews were a scapegoat, people voted to far right and far left. There was no sense of balance. This would happen most when Uranus transits Libra (as it did in the sixties). Hopefully we have learn the lessons, but this square is going to bring the same test again. That's why I think this time the riots will not be like the sixties, they will be more like 1848 or like during the thirties, linked to economic crises and a lot of anger.

Let us just hope that there is no violence between nations. Even in nature, big events will happen, there is a lot of cosmic energy, and so this can result in large earthquakes, solar flares and fires. Things like the big volcano disruptions in 2010 and 2011, or the Chile and Japan earthquakes. It has been such two dramatic years, now you know what is like to feel this unique and powerful cardinal energy. It happens only every 84 years. But, no fear please. Aries should be without fear, should be courage and defining a new identity, a peaceful warrior. The best is to engage in a lot of constructive activity, new projects, maybe even grand projects. To learn about ourselves, to strike a new but positive path. That is the best channel for Uranus in Aries.

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