Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What will happen in the next years (2012-2030). So much we can foresee ahead!

I think the next years will unfold as the following. The economic crises will continue to become worse and worse, whether it is by mistake after mistake of our stupid governants and bankers, or by subtle orchestration from hidden powers (the conspiracy theory) it does not matter.

The Occupy movements, the uprisings, revolts, and social unrest will continue, but what seems to be something big is still only the very beginning. Wait until a few years down the road!
The austerity measures will deepen the current recession into a new great depression, with huge numbers of unemployed and worse, social unrest. The whole debt mess is one without exit, like a cancer or like a drug addiction. It is a destructive pattern of debt and following bail outs which create new debt.

I think now that there is actually a hidden orchestration by the powers that be, behind the scenes. It cannot be a mere coincidence the prosecution and exploitation of south European countries, by pointing at their big debt and then demanding them to ask for external aid (which is debt and a loss of sovereignty). It looks to me that this is orchestrated to cause the collapse of economy in the whole planet, and bring about a new world order. But even if the conspiracy does not exist, the current situation is one without exit. Except if the whole thing crashes and restarts again with brand new rules.

2012 will see the continuation of the events of 2011: a mess within Europe and social unrest around the planet. The world is at the brink of many threats to its current old order. I don't know exactly what happens in 2012 but it something big will happen that will trigger the collapse of either the Euro or Dollar by 2013. It can be that Italy is bailed out, Spain or even England, France or Germany. Or maybe Israel attacks Iran and triggers a oil shock. Or even something else unexpected.

By 2013, the revolts against the system stop to be mere plays and become violent and widespread. A sense of the threat of military coups and civil war between classes (or ideologies) start to be present. This might well explode by 2014. Otherwise, assuming the Iran war scenario, the whole thing might also spiral out of control in 2013 or 2014, either by becoming a widespread war, or by crashing the global economy.

The years between 2014 and 2018 are very painful. Considering the astrological trends, this is the climax of the cardinal square, and the peak of a destructive trend caused by aspects between outer planets. In all likelihood there will be uprisings, civil wars, regional wars, economic depression.

It could be that this is not as dramatic as it looks like. The degree of drama is something that I cannot predict yet, but some historical drama will be involved, that seems sure.

By 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, there is a new trend. The world has suffered and perhaps people demand a new world order, or the powers that be impose one on people. Something like huge shifts in power will happen, and many things from the past will cease by then. Could be religions, ideologies, nations, monetary systems. Alternatively, if the constructive pattern doesn't catch, then there will be a climax of the uprisings and revolutions by now, growing in size until 2025, when they become full-blown, until they reach a resolution point by 2029. But, if the revolutions were already full-blown by 2014-2018, then this period will mark a lot of societal changes but without perhaps the violence of before. Either way, there will be dramatic changes in the world order, in nations, at this time (2020-2030). Expect also, a lot of civil conflict, this will be caused by the depression, with extreme ring wingers and left wingers against the government, and fight for power, and also, in the craze of the moment, probably between religious, political and ethnic groups. I see this likely in England, Italy and the US, for example.

By 2030, the world is very different, and there will be probably major blocks of power around the world and new borders between nations, in a way that will look strange for us. There will be major international treaties, new currencies, new systems, new technology.

Yes, I also forgot to point that during the dramatic period after 2014, there will be major leaders having a big impact, both from the government and from the masses, (like Hitler and Gandhi in the thirties), and there will be many new inventions and shocking technology coming out. Yes, expect that.

Also, the population will probably be quite reduced, and many will choose to move away from the chaos of the big cities and forming intentional and local communities and projects. This will be one of the positive paths towards the future, away from the mass fist of the powers that be. I am still unsure about how much the infrastructures will be destroyed and sustained through the future crises (e.g. transportation, internet, money system, governments, food chain). Expect at least some major degree of disruption, in gradual steps. It might be a full-blown disruption in many places in western nations, especially in large cities.

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