Monday, December 26, 2011

Predicting next 3 months of our lives, based on ingresses

Every solstice and equinoxes, we have a preview how it will be the next 3 months (or 12 months in case of the spring echinox). What happens during those days, what kind of projected goals and emotions, determines a little bit the general mood and atmosphere of the following trimester.

So, one can cast a chart showing our transits at the moment of the solstice/echinox for further detail. Obviously, the outer planets transits define ongoing affairs and challenges, but what is more interesting is that the location in house of the transiting Moon, Mars (and to a less degree of Venus and Mercury) help defining a big part of what it will be the next 3 months!

For example, if I have a Moon transiting my sixth house, I can expect a lot of work demands over the next 3 months, and if I have Mars transiting over my Ascendant, I can expect a sort of personal crises related to the direction of my living and self identity.

I was looking at the ingresses I had over the last 11 years, and all of them made terrible sense. It kind of defines the general atmosphere and themes for the next 3 months. And the March echinox even defines the general picture of the rest of the year!

So, go look of what transits you were having over the last solstice, in 22th December, 5:00 UTC.

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