Friday, December 30, 2011

Reviewing my 2011 predictions: I got 57% of predicted dates with something big happening

The most important events of 2011 were: February (Arab Spring revolutions), March 11 (Japan earthquake and tsunami, with nuclear disaster in following week), March 19 (start of Libyan war), UK riots (6-10 August), and along the entire year the Euro crises, Occupy protests and the Syrian civil war.

My predictions for 2011 (you can read them here) had the most key dates around 10 and 18-21 March (it was the Japanese disaster and Libya war), 2-4 and 18-22 April (nothing happened), 17-21 Jun (nothing happened), 3-11 August (the UK riots), 24-26 September (nothing happened). An overall 57% of the predicted dates had some historical event happening.

In March, I was right about the dates around 10th and 18-21st, when the Japanese disaster happened. I even said " At least, we will see some DISRUPTIONS for large groups of people".

I predicted a major war in April, when indeed the Libya war started in late March, so it was a good hit. I said "March is the start of agressive energies" and "April continues the same mood, agressive, dynamic. This could feature the most likely start of a major CONFLICT"

I also made a bolt prediction that "July might well be the PROTEST/RIOT month", I was close to a perfect hit, but early August was the month of the dramaric UK riots. Anyway, there were plenty of social unrest along the year, as I have been predicting for several years.

But I want to be honest and if you read my post on the predictions for 2011, we will see also some failed predictions. Obviously it is impossible to get 100% correct predictions!

I will post the 2012 predictions later today.

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