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Uranus entry to Aries (analysis of its ingress) and how it will be the next 84 years!

I did a chart for the last time Uranus ingressed in Aries, in the end of March of 1927, to see how it set the trend for the rest of the Uranus transit in Aries, Taurus and Gemini, and actually for the next 84 years.

From 1927 to 2010

Interestingly, we have a chart with a 15º Libra Ascendant, but with Sun opposite in Aries (meaning probably war between nations - its the seventh house). But Libra also featured the formation and breaking of alliances and the diplomacy efforts that marked most of the second World War and the following 45 years of Cold War, the United Nations and European Union. Uranus features close to conjunction with the Moon in sixth house, meaning a practical crises (but probably also the high degree of invention that followed the world war), that crises which exploded as Uranus, Saturn and Pluto transited the angles of this chart in the mid 1930s. Pluto near the MC meant the powerful leaders of the 20th century, especially during the thirties: Hitler, Stalin and then the Plutocracies that followed: a globalized world with powerful elites ruling, hidden behind the scenes. This is a clear manifestation of governments symbolized by Pluto. Mars in 9th house (as well as the Moon in Pisces) meant that ideology and the fight for freedom would rule the rest of the 20th century, as it did. It also means a path behind limits, with space exploration, scientific advances and a globalized world. Neptune in 11th, it means once again a globalized world, and the idealization of science, freedom, democracy and an united world. Venus in 8th house I think it is related to the wealth being in the hand of multinational corporations in the 20th century.

And once again, as outer planets began transiting these angles, we have another world crises and it's time to make a chart for the next 84 years.

From 2010 to 2094!

The ingress of Uranus in late May 2010, features now a Full Moon, Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Gemini. This seems like the rest of 21st century with the quest for knowledge and communication, and the global village, as a main theme. I expect much more! Not only the internet, but space travel, alien contact, and spiritual advances in knowledge. On a negative note, the Moon in Sagittarius may mean a bit of religious extremism over the next decade and the rest of the century.

Uranus in 11th house and Neptune in 10th, means something entirely different! Neptune in 1oth means governments suffering a great dissolution, or even coalescing into a single entity (Neptune means unity after all). This is the end of the Plutocracies and hidden powers that be from the 20th century. It also means religious or high ideals ruling the world. Uranus in 11th means a revolutionary strike, and being your own. I think over the 21st century, the ideals will tend to be much more down to the individual rather than the masses. They will be unique for each person. I also suspect that the next decade will have a lot of uprisings and revolutions, and governments disappearing. Until a new world order. And because the ASC is around 10º Gemini, this means that those revolutions might occur during the 2020s.

Mercury over the 12th means a bit of introspective in the 21st century in relation to the 20th century. Sun in 1st house means a wholy new direction for mankind, almost a new identity, and it's related to knowledge. Mars in 3rd house means travel and communication again as high themes (even very fast travel!), and Venus in 2nd house might mean that eventually, sooner or later, some financial and material peace will be achieved. But the presence of Mars and Saturn near the fourth house, means that there will be a great huge challenge in individual nations, a great deal of reform and unrest, and this might come over the form of wars, civil conflicts, even countries disappearing and dealing with outstanding problems (such happened recently with Japan and Greece).

Any additional comment?

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