Friday, December 30, 2011

What will happen in 2012! Predictions for a large revolt in July, large war in November, and much more

To put it very simple, it is in 2012 that the first big events start, that will become much more intense by late 2013 and 2014, and develop over the rest of the decade.

2012 is the definitive end of the world as we know it, not by disasters but by a decaying world order, and that "end of the world" continues afterwards. It will be a bolt year, and exciting, with plenty of events happening, shocking and creating revolution around the world.

I am not sure yet if the two big events I predict will start in 2012 or 2013 - they will be happening in 2013 - but we will see the very beginnings of them, in July 2012 and November 2012.

Revolt, large social unrest event in July 2012
2012 will include probably the first full blown revolt and dramatic social unrest in a first world country. This is likely to happen most in late June, July or August, when Mars transits Libra and Jupiter enters Gemini. This large event could even be a revolution or near civil war. It will be the first event happening outside of the developing world, and in a developed country. It will be most likely in Europe (my first guess goes for Italy or Greece) but it could happen in another major power. Second most likely possibilities include Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and India; and less likely in China, Germany, Canada, France, Israel, US and UK. At least there should be one large social unrest event in one developed countries making headlines for days. Something like a May 68 or similar to the events of 89. If the event is not happening in July 2012, then watch definitively for December 2012 and the spring of 2013. You may be interested in reading these posts here and here as well. More energetic dates occur in June 22th, July 1st, July 10th and much more around July 17th.

Large war in November 2012
I also expect 2012 to have a more dramatic war, most likely Iran (but could be also in Pakistan or the Koreas, or even a ex-Soviet country). I expect this to most likely happen by late November and December 2012, when Mars transits Capricorn. If it starts earlier, then it might start around July, when Mars transits Libra. It will likely involve the US, and somewhat Russia, Germany and the UK (because its natal chart shows dramatic challenges). And even if the war occurs in a single country, there will be surely unrest in Iran, India, Pakistan and Korea making headlines (because all these countries have their natal charts affected). Most likely this event will damage further the global economy. If it's Iran it will seriously affect oil trade, triggering another major economic meltdown. More energetic dates include November 17th and November 23-29th.

Economy meltdown
It will become worse, that's the most certain thing to predict. If the Euro will crash, I think at least we will see the first events that lead to a large unrest and depression by 2014. There is a growing recession in 2012 and it only becomes worse in 2013. So it is very likely that either one country exits the Euro or becomes bankrupt. I still don't know if the currencies will hold, but there is a huge effort by the ones in the power to control this process. But by July the masses, the populations will begin to seriously challenge this control, clashing in revolts and protests. This world "crash" will never be sudden, it will be more a series of small crashes, one after the other. As we are experiencing now. And its worse point is somewhere around 2016 to 2019.

Most affected countries
I expect one of the following countries to make bigger headlines: Italy, Turkey, India and China. Also there might be growing unrest in Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Canada, Ecuador and Spain. More likely towards 2013 in UK, US, Australia, Germany and Israel. Look for more details here.

Solar storms in April-May or November-December
If some event happens, they will be most likely occur by 16-21 Apr 2012 or 13-18 May 2012
21-26 Nov 2012 or 18-23 Dec 2012 (see my post here). At least one of these it will be strong enough to be seen from mid latitudes, the largest so far since several years.

Natural disaster events
There is another period I haven't spoke about: late March 2012 to early April 2012 (around 25 March to 15 April). This is due to cardinal energy (Sun in Aries) and Mars opposing Neptune. It could be something. Most probably something negative and destructive, if it happens. I am still unsure about it.

Big individuals
As usual also with Uranus in Aries I expect historical leaders to arise now. For the best and the worse. And also inspiring revolutionary individuals. Both in politics, religion and science. People will be much more bolt and daring in the next years!

Big inventions, discoveries
Finally, 2012 will have also its share of historical scientific and technological advances. This is typical of Uranus in Aries. I expect most of them to come from huge discoveries in Physics, also discoveries relating to our place in the Universe (maybe something like extrasolar planets), possibly something else about our DNA, and big advances in energy and transportation.

Dates of more energy in 2012:
March 25 to April 15
June 22, July 3, July 10, July 14-18
November 17, November 23-29

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