Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prediction of dates in 2012.

These are the most important dates to look in 2012:

Minor solar flares: 29 Feb or 25 March (+- 10 days) (27.2 day cycle)
Significant world event (unknown yet): 22 March (+- 12 days) (Sun in Aries)
Major earthquakes: 22 March and 28 Sept (a 189 day cycle)
Larger solar flare: 21 April or 18 May (+- 10 days) (a 190 day cycle)
Revolution/revolt makes headlines: 28 June (+- 20 days) (Jupiter in Gemini)
War: 24 November (+- 7 days) (Mars in Capricorn)

Let's see how much can we predict the future based on cycles!

The event of late March is based in transiting Sun triggering the cardinal square. The event of late June is based in tramsiting Mars triggering the cardinal square, while Jupiter enters Gemini (a pattern often seen in revolutions, but the pattern is even better in June 2013). The late November event is based in Mars entering Capricorn, while triggering the cardinal square (wars often start with Mars in Capricorn and some major outer planet aspect going on at that time; that pattern will repeat in October 2014). The solar flare events is based in cycles of 27.2 days repeating between larger solar storms, especially in multiples 6x, 7x or 8x of 27.2 days. One larger event can happen in April or May, and another in November or December this year. The 189 day cycle also seems to happen between larger earthquakes, next around 22nd March.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Morwe information on the big dates of 2012: 28 June and 24 November.

Between 28 June and 3 July, and still extending towards the 18 July, there will be a lot of action as several planets trigger the powerful and intense square between Uranus and Pluto. This is for sure a big crises!

28 June 2012: big crises affecting most world powers?
Everything seems to start slowly by 11th June, as Mercury triggers the cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto. By 21st, the Sun crosses the Cancer cusp and by 28th it triggers now the cardinal square, while Mars is just crossing the Libra cardinal cusp! This climax occurs between late June and early July. But Mars still triggers in the days around 17th July the cardinal square.
This seems to show a BIG CRISES in JUNE and JULY 2012. I think this is something that affects greatly the world powers, and could be some mass unrest in cities, but also something related to Iran and the oil crises, or also Greece leaving the Euro. The dates of 7th, 13th, 28th June, and 3rd, 10th and 18th July, are possible dates for the sudden start of events (as the Moon transits cardinal signs).

I see another period with some energy and significant world events by late March and early April 2012. If something happens then, I expect that to grow and develop much larger by June and July, otherwise if nothing seems to happen, watch for clues and developments of what might occur in June or July, during that period in late March. It could be well linked to the socio-economic crises, or with some war.

24 November 2012: a new war?
Then, by late November is either a likely collapse of the Euro crises or the definitive start of Iran war. I don't mean it for 100% sure, but it is very likely. Hopefully I will be wrong! It is the period between the 17th and 24th November 2012, or perhaps slighty earlier.

Yes I know, I am giving wild bets on these dates. I want to be a little bit more daring and not only pinpoint the month where real action will happen, but I want to pinpoint even the exact day where things start. I want to perfect the predictory skills of mundane astrology.