Monday, February 6, 2012

The 144 moons of the year. Part I

Generally, we may know how each month of the year will be, depending in what house is the Sun transiting in your chart. Then, for every 2.5 days, the Moon transits a different house of your chart, and brings a different mood. Now, we can guess which days tend to be the happiest and the most challenging, and why.

You can know your daily mood, for every day of the year, based in what the Sun and Moon are transiting.

This is the compilation I have been doing for some years, describing my mood. It might be different for you.

SUN 1: good moods (some irritation)
1 energetic (uplifted, enthusiast, some irritation, more social)
2 good (enjoyable, practical)
3 good (tasky, mental)
4 mixed (sabotage, irritation, introspection)
5 mixed (love, individualistic, irritated, can also be great steps forward, news, advances)
6 quite low (potentially great irritation, worries, active)
7 good (advances, calm)
8 mixed (lazy, critical, conflicts, can be the greatest crises in relationships, can be relaxed too)
9 good (calm, good, lovely)
10 good to ok (efforts, grouchy, melancholy, progresses, somewhat moody)
11 unstable to good (very social,travel, activities, mystic, can be also big clashes due to interests)
12 good to ok (quite positive, contemplative, fun, mystic, arts, some conflicts)

SUN 2 good (calm moods)
1 ok (achieving, nervous tension, perfectionist, intimate one to one)
2 excellent (practical and spiritual solutions)
3 ok (tasky, service, can be bored)
4 good to unstable (practical, grouchy, social too, bit mystic too, peculiar, likes emotions; can have big tensions)
5 excellent (uplifiting, romantic, creative mood, expressive, energetic)
6 good to ok (calm, spiritual wishes, earthy, some worries)
7 good to ok (people activity,, tensions, can be relaxed too)
8 good to ok (tensions, activity, contemplative too, can be relaxed too)
9 strong, unstable (wishes, spirituality, deep emotions, conflicts, doubts, moody, bored, eccentric, but soulful too)
10 ok (hardworker, peaceful, good with authorities)
11 ok (on my own, spirituality, social but quiet)
12 ok (visionary, criative, love, can be social and enjoyable)

SUN 3 good (active) moods
1 good (tasky, and potentially very social with new people, exploring)
2 ok (learning, some melancholy)
3 excellent (tasky, active, social several people, exploring)
4 ok (agitated, enjoys home exploring surroundings)
5 good (criative, enjoyable and active, exploring day)
6 ok (grouchy, perfectionist, quiet mood if social day)
7 ok (worker, communications, enjoyable little things, arts)
8 ok (grouchy, social)
9 excellent (enjoyable, energetic, some agitation)
10 low (dense, surroundings, if travel dynamic, achieving and quiet)
11 good (happy but lonely, can be social but quiet)
12 good (romantic, introspective, calm)

SUN 4 mixed moods (more emotions)
1 mixed (introspective, active and advances in life)
2 low to ok (grouchy, quieter, nature)
3 good (very active, exercise or mental, social)
4 low (very introspective and strongly defensive, energy is lower)
5 unstable (emotional storms, quite social day too, energy; can be ok)
6 ok (tasky)
7 good (but strong interaction with others)
8 good (active and social)
9 excellent (social and romantic)
10 mixed (perfectionist, hardworkers, melancholy)
11 ok (criative, hardworker and isolated, can be social but quiet)
12 low (low energy, lonely)

SUN 5 good moods
1 unstable to good (lot of emotions, some clashes, demanding, criative, romance, more individualistic, generally very energetic and eventful, good for activities out)
2 good (practical steps, more acceptance, more relaxing)
3 good, ecletic (hippiest, mind very active, very energetic, very linked to nature, spiritual link too, contemplative)
4 ok (home-mood, more introspection, more challenges)
5 excellent (very criative. fun times, some romance, happiness, enjoyable, travels, calm mood too)
6 ok to good (some worries, if social is also pleasant)
7 excellent (very social, travel, very pleasant moods and fun moments)
8 low to good (overwhelmed, needs, worries, but also pleasant if one to one)
9 excellent (very fun, travel, social)
10 good (nature connection, social, activities, romance, can be crazy if party too)
11 good
12 ok (natural, introspection, meditation, some worries)

SUN 6 mixed moods (some frustation)
1 low (irritation, impulsive, depressive)
2 good (perfectionist)
3 good (active, talkative, exploring)
4 very low (depressive)
5 good (active, criative, romantic, social)
6 good (relax, practical)
7 good
8 low (needy)
9 excellent (travels)
10 low (daily worries, my path)
11 ok (visionary, path thinking)
12 very low (uncontrolled obstacles, sabotages, annoyances)

Please feel free to let us know what you are feeling today, based in the houses which the Sun and Moon is transiting for you today.

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