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The 144 moons of the year. Part II

This is the continuation of the article. Please read also part I.

Below are the moods for each day of the year, based in which houses are the Sun and Moon transiting:

SUN 7 good moods
1 excellent (social, events. positive, playful, relationships a bit, romance, parties, leo-like, crazyness too, very easy going and party)
2 good (practical)
3 ok (minor conflicts, social, freedom)
4 good (romantic but bit irritation, calmer, a bit introspective and contemplative, social too)
5 good (very social, fun, romance)
6 ok, neutral (tired, more lonely, new skills learn from others)
7 excellent (lots of activity, travel, social events, pleasant)
8 good (some tiredness, lots of relationship activity, deep)
9 excellent (achieving, other people, very social, broad horizons, spiritual too)
10 good (tasky, purpose of life, travel)
11 ok to good (different, eccentric, enjoys difference, crazyness, very social)
12 low to good (conflicts in relationships, otherwise contemplative, boundless, linked to everyone and above)

SUN 8 generally good moods
1 ok (active, social, so so)
2 good (relax)
3 good (active)
4 ok (home mood)
5 ok (some stress, active)
6 good (practical)
7 excellent (deep, events)
8 good (hardworker, mystic)
9 good (travels, social)
10 good (steps forward, tasky, also social and enjoyable, surrounded by people)
11 good (goal oriented, very social, hippiest, meets new people, deep encounters)
12 ok (neutral)

SUN 9 generally good moods
1 excellent (fun, active, talkative, social)
2 good (quiet, natural, apreciative of values)
3 good (unfocused, wondering around, talkative)
4 unstable (undecided, pushed too much energy)
5 good (optimist)
6 ok
7 ok (important meetings with people)
8 ok
9 unstable
10 excellent
11 excellent (social, interesting people, far away goals)
12 good (contemplating, the big picture)

SUN 10 low moods
1 unstable (achieving but irritating)
2 unstable (calm, pressure, depressive)
3 ok (tasky, inventive, agitated, good social day with friends too, events, quiet mood)
4 very low (emotional, sensitive, depression, purpose)
5 unstable (escapist, challenged, expressive, releasing emotions, lots of emotions, soul speaking, romantic, relationships have strong interactions today, very energetic)
6 low (perfectionist, failures, good for contemplation and meditation)
7 good (social too, crafts)
8 low (inner energies, conflicts, introspective, lonely mood for meditation and contemplation)
9 ok (pushing, achieving, perfectionist, seeks spiritual meaning)
10 ok (very hardworking, social)
11 good
12 ok (contemplative, reviewing life and goals)

SUN 11 generally good or ok
1 ok (pushing, individualist, best alone, pushing my own goals)
2 ok (inventive, goal-thoughts, social)
3 ok (travels, contemplative, thinking)
4 ok
5 ok
6 unstable (better for practical matters)
7 good (good in relationships, travel)
8 good
9 excellent
10 ok (blues, our goals about the future)
11 excellent (uplifiting, great ideas)
12 low (social but quiet, conflicts, selfish)

SUN 12 unstable moods
1 excellent (inspiring, energetic, outlines for future)
2 good (relax, inventive)
3 good (social but intimate, interesting, )
4 unstable (crises, needs, faults, very heightened emotions, sometimes joy too, its a matter to connecting very deep at the soul)
5 excellent (romantic, grandeur, dreamy, artistic, inventive, social, can be great steos forward)
6 good (quiet, good for studies)
7 good (social, enjoyable, soft, can have deep relationship experiences)
8 very low to ok (very deep, inner energies, challenging, some conflicts, deep links with others)
9 good (work oriented, path, enjoyable)
10 low
11 unstable
12 good to low (can be also quite intense emotions)

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Yuri Romanov said...

This is really interesting! Moods affects all ages,races, groups and economic activities. It interfere the day-to-day functions of our daily lives. Thanks a lot for your astrology guide.