Monday, July 9, 2012

Year by year predictions, for next 20 years - Detailed events

Since I start writting this blog I have been posting predictions for each of the next years until 2030. 

Luckly, I was able to guess correctly that a large economic depression (and historical uprisings) would be starting in 2010 and continuing afterwards. It happened.

Now I post that the next few years will see the current crises becoming more complicate, especially after mid 2013, with increasing economic and political chaos, agressiveness, and millitary tensions and then a major shift in our way of living due to economic, social and technological changes, after 2020. That decade will be one of social revolutions, and the world uniting more than today. 

Here it goes the most updated version of the year by year predictions:
I included details based in what I have been reading.

2009- start of a major economic crises
2010- great depression, 
2011- continuation of economic crises, widespread revolts (mostly in April and July)
2012- continuation of current crises, first signs of a major crises, economic or revolution (likely in Europe); in June or July (watch for 13th July) and a war around late November 
2013- basically economic becomes more complicate, and war tensions increase a little; this is more in second half of the year (watch for late March, June and more after September)
2014- a difficult year: a major war, major troubles and changes occur in Europe (politically), politicians resorting to BIG measures to solve the economical crises (most major powers will be affected on this year), solar flare event, some natural disaster
2015- millitary agressiveness continues (mostly in Asia), the economic meltdown continues
2016- major economic depression, mostly felt in Europe. A quite period difficult continues.
2017- a major space advance, tension with China, America suffers in war and economy and even its own identity
2018- major shift in world balance, major efforts for peace

2019- major event, a major war (watch for April)
2021- civil tensions possibly starting (watch for April)
2022 - major instability on the Middle East, probably war somewhere draining the US, a revolution somewhere

2023- the major war continues, civil tensions in Europe, a space advance (probably related to Mars) (watch for changes after March and years after)
2024- political changes in US and Europe (revolutions?); still war events; space advances continue; and new sources of energy
2026- our civilization faces a decade of choice between collapse or rebirth, it makes efforts for a rebirth (watch for June); the world moves to become more united; continuation of major technological advances; economic boom, also a period of more cultural richness and a shift in mankind priorities; extreme solar mininum

2028- a major political change in America and/or in Europe (likely a political union)
2030s- changes in the way society, jobs, social security works; changes in medicine; a time of calm and peace; possibly alien disclosure