Sunday, October 21, 2012

Horoscope Forecast, per Rising sign, for 2013 and 2014

Please look at your ascendant (rising sign) and see your trend for 2012, 2013 and 2014, has been going on, and it might be going for the next two years.

Please comment, if you think that this feels exactly correct, or you want to clarify something, you want to add some detail, or correct something.

If you are unsure about your exact ascendant, read the sign before and after, because a similar trend is in those too.

Aries: pressure from the world seems to be building. A lot of it coming from the career, but also some from relationships, which are requiring commitment and focus, but somewhat stable if let by themselves. There is a need to persuit a new path. To change your career perhaps. Otherwise there is a lot of job pressure building up. That will be the bubble that will explode out.
Taurus: Overall life seems quite stuck, especially career and goal-wise, yet there is a lot of inspiring ideal about it and life. Travelling might open new doors, as well as new people met or group endeavours. Might be good also to focus in daily living instead of more far away long unreachable term goals. Relationships seems somewhat heavy at this point but commitment generally holds.
Gemini: Plenty of intense relationship changes (this will be sort of great intensity in your life). Also an erratic but changeful job life, you do well by playing along these both lines. These exciting life changes have been going already for a while and will continue. Some time ahead you might finally settle a bit. New inspiration will also come; new ideals and goals.
Cancer: After a period with plenty of changes in relationships, jobs and places of living, you start seeing some new horizons ahead, and where this will lead. Mostly you are finding a new purpose in life, spirituality, goals, and inspired relationships. Lots of inner changes and a much more free and erratic career life is ahead. Pay also attention about your health.
Leo: Has already suffered many changes mostly brought by changes in relationships and places of living. The larger issue is a struggle for a sense of belonging and understanding in relationships, in emotions, intimacy and communication. You might be travelling and settling down in a new place.
Virgo: Plenty of heavy changes in relationships, within yourself, how you feel and how you relate. Also in jobs and in your health. But there is more ground and stability now fo a new direction in your personal projects, except for your relationships.
Libra: Plenty erratic relationships and also job life. Possible new big long-term project in your life now! Quite a individualistic-focused period. Relationships mostly come and go.
Scorpio:A lot of changes both in your home, place of living, and plenty of affairs, short term relationships and affairs. You are quite devoted to your job and it seems to be exciting. You might be looking to think a lot about your own life and reviewing it. You might settle for a new project or path a few years from now.
Sagittarius: You have been undergoing a lot of big deep inner changes, for quite a long time. Now it is time to express yourself, in a more inspired way, more open and freely, positive and expressive. Time to feel more happy and confident again, moved by exciting and emotion. Go more in the outside world! You think a lot of your own path and how to manifest it. Probably big changes have been occuring (or will) in family, and long-term relationships. But personally, you feel a new self, deeply transformed.
Capricorn: You are under a great psychological pressure, looking for bursting out of your cocoon - to find a new home, a new life. Lots of pressures and struggles. You are committed in relationships, and these tend to settle down, also your job, although you question it and feel pressure to stir ahead. Much more unstable is your own inner life.
Aquarius: Settling in a new path, moved by great inspiration, idealism, but not by practical means, perhaps you haven't really manifested your path yet. Stable in relationships. Also somewhat stable job-wise, but you feel you haven't found your place really.
Pisces: Exploration and freedom for a new life. A new idealism. A struggle to find a new path, a new direction, a new career. But quite good (stable) in relationships. Psychologically, it's a release time,a rollercoaster that will last a few more years.