Saturday, November 10, 2012

The most detailed and accurate global predictions for the decade 2010-2020 ever. Read it!

We already know that the decade ahead is going to correspond to the most destructive decade since the second world war, but not as quite devastating as that terrible conflict.

What we will experience is either or a combination of some degree of: 1) a economic collapse, 2) civil unrest and violence, 3) major wars between nations, and possibly, 4) important individual figures, inspiring the masses and pushing radical ideologies (for positive and for negative), 5) major technological advance

This is part of the quadrature between two major astrological influences: Uranus transiting Aries, in square to Pluto transiting Capricorn. This influence runs mostly between 2010 and 2020, and it is intensified mostly around 2014, and also by major alignments from Jupiter and Saturn in 2008-2010 and in 2019-2020.

By studying the waning and waxing influence of the cycles of outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) we can forecast the constructive or destructive trends of the historical advances or retrocesses of our civilization. I will explain this now!

Following a conjunction of planet A and B, there is a general constructive influence, which shifts towards the destructive (to a certain degree) between the opposition of A and B and the conjuntion, and then the cycle begins anew. Many cycles in constructive mode means mostly global peace and rapid societal and economic advance; while many cycles in destructive mode means large economic, social and military mess.

Following a major Neptune-Pluto conjunction at the start of the 20th century, large scale industrialization began, with mass movement of people towards the cities, and the appearance of major methods of transportation (cars, airplanes) and communication (radio, tv, electricity)

In 1930, a cardinal cross between the outer planets caused many cycles began turning most cycles towards the negative mode,  During the rest of the decade, the remaining constructive began, one by one, becoming destructive, until only one remained: the Neptune-Pluto mentioned above. This was in 1939, when the second world war started. Everything was to be destroyed except the things represented by the Neptune and Pluto cycle. Out of 10 cycles, 9 were in destructive mode.

In the entire period 1900-2030, the most destructive periods are the two world wars, followed after by the decade of 2010-2020, which is not as destructive as the world wars, but still quite devastating historically. By 2019, there are 7 out of 10 cycles in destructive.

In the first world war (by 2014), everything was in destructive mode except the things represented by Neptune-Pluto and by the Saturn-Uranus cycle A lot of politics was destroyed (Jupoiter-Saturn), a lot of economic, governments and society was destroyed (all other Jupiter cycles), military events were destructive (Saturn-Pluto), hope was lost (Saturn-Neptune), a lot of what pertains to the masses were destroyed (Uranus-Neptune and Uranus-Pluto) except what was created by the start of the century (as the radio, cars, airplanes, electricity). However the second world war was destructive for the Saturn-Uranus cycle, while the first world war was not. This meant, the second world war had much more dramatic and destructive social, political, conflict and ideological issues, that in the first world war were mostly benign.

By 2019, everything is destroyed (nearly everything in politics and economy, governments and society), military events will be again destructive (Saturn-Pluto, before 2020 but not after), hope will be lost (Saturn-Neptune), but everything that pertains to the globalization will be maintained (the internet, the industrialization, the transportation, the electrical grids, the media, the political rights and values from the sixties, and the technology from the nineties, computer, mobiles and the online world)

Knowing this I can tell what can and cannot happen!

Whatever happens it cannot be a full scale third world war (otherwise the above technology, grids, internet, electricity and transportation could not continue), likewise no catastrophic solar flare can happen. Likewise, I doubt that a major catastrophic oil shock or meteor strike can happen. A pandemic could happen, but it certainly does not fit as the main event.

The scenarios likely to occur are a combination of some degree of 3 things :

  • major wars around the globe, but not a global war: any sort of "soft" world war (like major regional wars happening at same time). This seriously affects many nations. The internet, grids and transportation and our political rights continue, but everything else is destroyed (economy, politics, entire societies). Also possible are a localized nuclear war, or a major destructive regional war, with full global consequences for most economy, social and politics. 
  • full scale global meltdown of economy; not total chaos, but a lot of it. At least the basic transportation, energy persists in most countries, but the economy, social and political is mostly destroyed. This can also be caused by war or a moderate oil (not fully global) shock (for example, the entire Middle East)
  • social chaos in streets, political riots and uprising are highly likely to occur
As of now, late 2012, some cycles of 2019 are negative, while some others will become during the years ahead:

  • Jupiter-Saturn: the main economic-socio-political distress cycle started in 2010, and will not finish until the conjunction of 2020. Expect the same global economic crises to continue until then. This is a lot related to the Euro (the cycle started in 2001, when the Euro started, and it shifted into negative mood from 2010 - so it is linked to the European debt crises, and this is expected to be fixed only by 2020 at the time of the new conjunction). Most troubleful (economic) time seems to occur especially around 2015, with the waning cycle, and then things seem to go more downhill. Perhaps that when Greece goes out, or a major crises/bailout to Spain or even France happens, or something like that. Expect the economy to sustain somewhat until at least 2014 and probably mid 2015, and then go downhill until 2020.
  • Jupiter-Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The majority of society, political and economic destruction will increase in years ahead. In 2009, a positive cycle of hope and idealism (Jupiter-Neptune) started, probably with the election of Obama. Likewise, a positive cycle of revolution and change also started in 2010 (Jupiter-Uranus). However, the cycle of hope ends in October 2015 (I probably expect republicans in the white house in 2016, with the consequences of starting some major wars by then). The cycle of Jupiter-Uranus also goes negative by early 2017, when the next US president is elected. The 2016 President looks to be a nasty one (agressive, leading to wars), while the 2020 US election effects real change and a gradual shift towards a global positive mood (several cycles become positive by then, and a new hope represented by Jupiter-Neptune in 2022). The US president elected in 2024 brings even further positive mood (represented by a positive Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune in 2025)!
  • The cycle Jupiter-Pluto started in late 2007, and it becomes negative in August 2013. This cycle might have to do with political attitudes towards terrorism and wars. This becomes negative in 2013, and only ends in 2020. But as I will described below, anything happening war or terror-like in 2013 will still be small than whatever occurs by 2016-2019.
  • Saturn-Uranus: the major socio-economico-political destruction of the old started already in 2008 (start of the global meltdown). It will continue unabated until 2030! Only by 2030 will the global meltdown of economy and nations finish, probably with a new world order. This means many revolutions will still continue throughout the 2020s decade, although that decade will be lighter then the current one. Especially by 2020 (Saturn-Uranus waning square), expect to see the worst of this socio-economic.political destruction that started with the global meltdown in 2008! Probably following the major conflicts that seem possible around 2016 and 2019 (you will read about this below). Around the end of the decade there is accute economic depression and the peak of it.
  • Saturn-Neptune: by 2006 this cycle became negative, and this was probably brought by the major long-term consequences of the Bush government (mostly linked to economic crises, and the conflicts with Iran and N.Korea).This will only be fixed by 2025, the year around a possible Mid East or Korean solution. Until then, the cycle is destructive, represented by religion extremism, lack of hope, problems with climate change and oil/energy. By 2015-2016 (just as the agressive war-events start) this set of challenges is expected to be more destructive. This influence brings with it, ideological extremism and will to wage war inspired by ideology. It will be most accute by 2015.
  • Saturn-Pluto: finally, the last destructive cycle, that pertains to destructive military and conflict events (and violence), started in the 911 and only ends by 2020. It is between the waning square in 2010 and 2020 that events will be mostly destuctive, probably around the conflicts of 2016 and also 2019.
  • Uranus-Neptune, Uranus-Pluto and Neptune-Pluto are and will be still in constructive mode, assuring that our technological world of media, internet, communication, transportation, industry, global rights, and electrical grids, will be mostly safe and still growing.