Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Combining Mars and Sun transiting in angles. A good timing for personal crises

Everyone knows that planets transiting the our chart angles (and their cardinal houses) brings often crises and some of the greatest changes in our lives.

But what everyone seems to dismiss is that transiting Sun and Mars often mark when specifically will those events occur!

Usually transits of Sun to my angles, and transits of Mars to my angles, relate to periods of much increased energy, activity and change, and often moods of irritation, depression, restlessness, and sometimes relating to larger personal events. If those transits occur, when an outer planet is already transiting an angle, then you will probably have a hard time period of much change, a but related to the nature of the outer planet transit.

For instance let's say than in the years 1999 and 2000 you had Neptune transiting your ASC and Saturn your IC. You are already experiencing a period of much change and unrest, but as in January Mars transits your first house, you have an emotional outburst that blows out of proportions. A significant shift in life happens then, because you either decide to quit your long career or relationship. That's the sort of thing I am talking about.

It's even possible to pinpoint the exact days when you will have the strongest energy for such outbursts: when the Moon transits your angles and cardinal houses!

It actually happened to me that January 2000, that I had such a sudden emotional outburst and I decided that exact day, to move my place of living, with larger long term consequences I couldn't foresee. Mars was transiting my ASC, as Saturn and Neptune were crossing other angles. And the Moon was crossing my first house. But it could have been another of the other three cardinal houses.

This is not a one-time instance. I could give you many other examples. I broke up relationships in February 2004 and February 2006, because Sun was transiting my first house, and Mars my fourth house. One of those times was with the Moon transiting the 7th house (Full Moon), the other was with Moon transiting 1st house (New Moon). Once I quit a job as I was having Uranus opposite my natal Mars and square to my natal Sun; the day I did it I had the Sun, Mars and the Moon transiting the 10th house. It was fun. Because as the Moon moved towards the ASC, a week later, I found a new job!

Currently, I have Saturn just entering my 10th house, while Mars just crosses my ASC yesterday and I had another emotional outburst, this time without yet deciding for a change (yes, it's career-wise). The Moon was transiting my 10th house. Since I currently have the Sun transiting my 12th house (but Mars in 1st house), I am kind of worried what will happen when both will be at the first house at same time, in early February. Especially when the Moon transits my cardinal houses (1st house, 4th house and 7th house).

What seems dramatic to me is this. It does not matter to actually know and forecast this. I cannot avoid a building emotion and issue, that in those energetic days, must find an outlet out. I can choose to damp it, but often something will happen that then triggers the repressed outburst. It's like an erupting volcano. Magma is about to erupt but it can still "wait" for a month or so, but the pressure is already there. It cannot be kept for long.

So far I have learn this. The unavoidable fate and timing of these events and energies. They cannot be suppressed. Change seems to be just the nature of life. Therefore, if I have a relationship, house and job, I should expect to be changing it, every few years. But our society seems to insist otherwise. Something ought be terribly wrong here. How shall we adapt to a life of such dramatic changes every few years?