Friday, June 28, 2013

Jupiter enters Cancer, and triggers the Uranus-Pluto square!

Once again Jupiter has entered Cancer (it will be in this cardinal sign from now until the second half of 2014), and we will see the topics of national concern coming to the forefront. 

And since Cancer is a cardinal sign, and we are at a major cardinal period, this is going to reinforce and expand the current world crises.

An historical review of Jupiter in Cancer

If you were in the US, in 2001-2002, the last time Jupiter was in Cancer, you remembered well that cardinal transit of Jupiter as the time during and after 911. In Europe, that was the first year of the common currency, the Euro. In India, there was a serious fear of war with Pakistan. It seems that everywhere across the world, nations were dealing with major national challenges to their identity.

Now, we are experiencing a sort of repeat of those same topics. The scandal of the US domestic surveillance in the name of terrorism, got worldwide, while the Middle East experiences some major unrest and fear of even larger wars. The Muslim community is experiencing some deep discrimination in Europe, an Europe which is everything but united, and in serious crises, experiencing deep turmoil caused by the common currency that started in 2001.

Other years of Jupiter in Cancer also include serious unrest in many nations, defying the identity and national ideologies of those countries. 1989 was the year of revolutions in the Eastern communist nations, 1977 there was a major oil shock, 1965 it was the start of the hippie movement and all the Vietnam war protests, 1953 war, 1941, the depths of the great depression and protests in 1930, the Russian revolution in 1917.

Clashes between different groups, and between populations and their governments

I think we are just starting to see the early beginnings of serious changes and events to develop over 2014. What they are, I do not know for sure, but I guess its connected to both clashes between different nations and different ethnic groups (like between the Muslim world and the western world), and civil unrest and conflicts connected to the economic crises (between the populations and their governments). 

This week, the Sun will trigger the cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto. It will be exact in the 4th of July. On the 8th of July, a new moon reinforces that activation of cardinal energies If you have planets or angles placed in the 10-15º region of cardinal signs, you will experience major tension during this period! It is also likely that the world, and some nations will experience some sort of major tension during this same period.

During the last two weeks of July and the entire of month of August, first Mars and then Jupiter will also trigger the cardinal square, adding further fuel to the fire already burning. I do not take this lightly. Even if historical events do not manifest by then, the energy will create a growth of the challenges for many people worldwide, and this will manifest outwards, in the day of the light, during 2014.

And in the first few months of 2014, the cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto will be again triggered by Jupiter and Mars.