Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Approximate timing of estimated major events of this decade

Approximate timing of estimated major events of this decade
  • Aug2014. Civil war in Ukraine will likely escalate to some degree. It is in the second half of this year, that we expect the start of historical conflicts that will continue through the decade. It could be in the East of Europe (Ukraine), Asia or Middle East (ISIS, Israel, Iran).
  • Nov2014. Middle-East situation worse, a new war?, minor war tensions in Asia, Scotland and Catalonia seek independence (mars in Capricorn can bring profound changes to social structure, wars especially in the Middle East, war tensions in Asia)
  • Mar2015 minor skirmishes in Asia (increasingly millitarized), war in Russia border also escalates (other countries may become involved)/ economic crises in Europe (new bailout? energy crises? political crises) (mars in Aries tends to bring the continuation of war tensions in Asia, new economic issues to Europe, and war developments to the Middle East)
  • Jul2015 separatism in rise in different parts of Europe/ Middle East has some changes (more unstable, or war worsens? Kurdistan independence? new countries drawn to war?), economy is shaky (especially oil)/ European protests/ UK-EU crises since euroskeptics win (mars in Cancer tends to bring national unrest)
  • Jan 2016 threats of one country to leave Euro/EU (maybe UK)/ Economy suffers/ Great divisions within Europe/ Domestic troubles in the US, national divisions / In East Europe, countries allied against Russia/ Radical politics and ideology, major political shift (Jupiter enters Libra, so it affects political balances and international relationships) (mars in Libra bring national and international divisions, economic and global political crises) 
  • Nov2016 Middle East large regional Islamic war (Turkey and Egypt more bold, Iran, Israel or Saudi Arabia involved)/ Economic depression/ Republicans win in the US / Russia annexes more land
  • Mar2017 significant conflict in Asia / a Limited “World War”/ Alliances change across the world? Ethnic conflicts in Europe 
  • Jul2017 or Nov2017 far right in rise in Europe (maybe reaches power in France). One country leaves EU/Euro (maybe it's France) / Ethnic conflicts in Europe/ Borders redesigned in parts of the world?
  • Mar2018 Limited “World War” develops (a larger conflict develops in Asia)/ Shift in global power (Saturn enters Capricorn, so there is a great struggle for power, economic hardships, where much effort is necessary and a need for global changes)
  • Oct2018 More countries exit Euro/EU. 
  • Jan2019 Chess moves (control and power), War by covert means, 
  • Jul 2019 Global economic depression
  • Nov 2019 Euro/EU collapse or transformation
  • 2019-2020. Nuke somewhere in world (Jan2019, Jul2019) / Mar2020: violence in wars (a tripple conjunction in Capricorn reinforces the occurance of brutal events, and great transformations)
  • 2020-2022. Need for global solutions. Large geopolitical changes start. Large global shift in power.
  • 2021Apr. Civil tensions starting in Europe?
  • 2022Sep. Larger war or revolutionary war? / Major unstability and changes in Middle East
  • Mar2023, Aug2024. Historical revolutions, Revolts and civil wars across the world (some also in Europe), great geopolitical changes across the world, great technological advances / Countries break-apart, or other political unions appear / Drive towards a global new order (the presence of Uranus in Gemini, Pluto in Aquarius, Neptune in Aries cusp, Jupiter in Aries, and Saturn near Aries, reinforces a very bold revolutionary trend towards independence, war, assertiveness and a new beginning)
  • 2028. A major global treaty, division, ideology, political shift