Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016. The eleventh hour.

This is a long post.

2016 has been a shock year worldwide. It seemed dark.

Well, according to my astrological theory, the period of 2016 to 2020 is one of the most difficult and deconstructive periods in world history, I am sorry to say. Mostly because of political extremism.

The period that follows it, 2021-2030 seems to be a radical change of the world order, and many social revolutions, some inspiring but also potencially destructive civil wars and major wars.

Hopefully not, but the astrology does favour a period of radicalism and conflict.

Whatever happens it will leave a deep mark in the history books of the future.

Trump is president-elect, and far right populism spreads across Europe. Many rumours of war. And religious extremism. There is now a significant risk of repeating the danger of the horrors observed in the 1930s, when Uranus was last time in Aries, Pluto was in the opposite sign of Cancer, and Saturn transited from Capricorn to Aries.

This is going to be repeated from 2018 to 2025. (except that Pluto transits Aquarius)

Historically, similar periods have happened beforehand several times. Not just in the 1930s! Back in the 1840s (Uranus was also transiting Aries, and Pluto/Saturn also in cardinal signs), popular revolt surged across nearly every country of Europe, while China and North America faced brutal civil wars.

Pluto was also in Capricorn and Aquarius in 1770s and 1780s, when the America revolution and French revolution happened, amidst a nearly global state of war. Before that Pluto was also in Capricorn and Aquarius, when the Protestant revolution started and Europe descended into civil wars.

Do you see the pattern?
Do you see what is unfolding nowadays?

I can´t imagine that our societal structures and the psyche of mankind has evolved sufficiently to go beyong this danger of war. In fact, the stupidity that resulted in the current wave of events is proof that further chaos and conflict lies ahead. Trump represents a great danger to the world. The current state of the European politics represents another significant risk. Putin and China too.

The transits of outer planets in cardinal signs - like it happens now and it happened in the 1930s, 1840s and 1770s - stir up the collective of mankind into radical urges. While some are constructive, revolutionary and inspiring, many urges are irrational and fear-driven/ anger-driven, therefore resulting in very destructive manifestations, such as wars.

Its difficult to say what happens next. A global war? The breakup of European union? A financial meltdown? Trump and Brexit are definitively game-changers. But there will be more big things unfolding in years ahead.

Back in tje 1930s, everyone got shocked bit by bit, but all assumed that no disaster would ever happened despite the increasing gloom. It´s time to learn the lesson.

- - - - - -

It is time for me to focus in the positive. Because there is nothing we can´t do regarding these global events.

It is time to engage and be a pioneer of the new and the good, the constructive and inspiring, with a spirit of love and peace.

Neptune in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will inspire idealism and ideology to new heights, next decade. Whether in civil wars, or in positive little good revolutions in your daily life.

It is time to brainstorm what these positive revolutions might be.

Alternative monetary systems. A new global political system for peace and prosperity. A reinvention of democracy? Inspiring new political leaders? An ecological revolution and recovery? Or do we go back to the land, in face of a collapsing world?

Are we going to learn the hard difficult way, just like in the 1930s and 1940s?

One thing is sure. We cannot run away from the problems of the world. The forgotten populations, the frustation feelings in the masses. The mass unemployement. A fragile, unsustainable and unfair financial system. Religious fundamentalism. Increasing climate change. Ecological problems. Mass migrations. Nuclear proliferation. It is time NOW to address these challenges. It´s not time for the status quo. It´s time for a change. Hopefully a peaceful and constructive one.

I know it´s very challenging to find positive solutions for these dramatic problems. But we need that more bright minds come forward and speak out their inspiring solutions.

I wish that 2017 be a year that inspires the future for the best.

Happy New Year for all of you.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump natal chart. Can you guess which will be his main challenges? Read it here!

Trump astrological profile
Who is Trump?
Very easy chart.

A Gemini (big talker, two-faced
Leo rising (big ego).

Sun in the 10th (a natural leader, potencially very ambitious, wants to shine above anything else.

Mars in Leo in rising. A combative and very assertive leader

In sum, a bit of a hardcore agressive leader (Mars), mixed with the shallowness and more words than anything else of Gemini, celebrity-seeking fame, of Leo. Overall, very self-centered and very direct, rather honest actually.
Mars in rising. Sun in the 10th. A combative leader.

Risk of war with Trump? With Mars in rising, he is agressive, and he could be pushy enough in his rethoric to start a war, but as his natal Mars will not be transited by any planet in soon, I don´t expect from him to start any significant war. I expect other kind of challenges for him.

How about Trump and the Economy?
In this regard I have less positive news. 
He has Neptune in 2nd house, so he is not the best person to run the economy.
Also his natal Venus will be opposed by Pluto later in the decade. Again, a bad sign.

Looking in the bright side, he is an idealist. He might well lower taxes for everyone. And provoke a tax revolution worldwide. He might also confront Wall Street, but I find this less likely. Blocking international trade treaties? Possible. Trade war? Likely!

He may be careless with the economy. Or he might just endure a financial crash, irregardless of his polices. Or even get involved in a financial scandal.

Intimate life? A surprise!
Ahh! I give a bold prediction. This is going to be another source of news!
With Saturn coming to his natal Sun next year, I expect him to endure some major changes in his intimate relationships. Perhaps he will separate from Melania, or get involved in a scandal. Another possibility is that he will continue to face a lot of unrest in the American population (his natal Moon)

Overall I think Trump will clearly be focused domestically. No external wars, but plenty of domestic unrest (both in the nation and his personal life) and plenty of economical unrest.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump wins - The astrology of it - Is Trump going to build the wall?

Trump wins.

Regardless of our political opinion, the fact is that astrology was favouring Trump as a candidate.

I long said, since early 2008 (even before Obama), that the 2016 election would result in a sharp combative, most-likely Republican president. 

This was one of the easiest US elections to predict in recent history. 

The astrology clearly favours a sharp revolutionary candidate (Uranus in Aries). If Bernie Sanders would have been candidate, perhaps he would been elected president.

With Uranus transiting Aries and Pluto transiting Capricorn, it´s all about dramatic historical change.
Hillary Clinton does not represent change, while Trump represents shocking change. In this regard, Uranus in Aries favours a sharp, fiercy, peculiar, combative candidate.

Can we expect Trump confronting the-powers-that-be?
Absolutely. Uranus in Aries vs Pluto in Capricorn is all about this.

But we can also expect America near a civil-war case, with extreme political divisions, anger and unstability. Because the cardinal square favours sharp contrasting conflicts. At best, the tension remains just as tension and nothing blows out of proportion. But we can´t be sure.

Will Trump rule with a iron fist? Yes, most likely.
Pluto in Capricorn favours iron-fist leaders. And in fact we should expect this also in future elections in European countries, Austria, France, Netherlands. The astrological zeigeist favours rightwing authoritarians across the world up to 2021, but more radical left-wing revolutionary leaders around 2025.

Can we expect Trump to actually build the Wall and deport millions of illegal migrants?
Actually yes.
Uranus in Aries favours peculiar and large-scale political measures.
While he might not actually fence the entire spread of the American border, he will certainly create a show that he is doing it - most likely he will deport many people - and certainly he will stir up further the racial and ethnical conflicts within US soil. 

This could create a fertile ground for a time of revolutions, uprisings and civil wars throughout the 2020s across the globe, and that can also happen in American soil. Trump must thread carefully.

How about the economy?
The US situation is not going to improve, regardless of who could have been elected. There are difficult times for the world economy ahead, as Uranus will transit Taurus. This is a repeat of the mid-1930s. A long expected stock market crash will likely happen - as the worst of the great global recession should hit bottom by 2020 (when Pluto-Saturn conjunct in Capricorn). 

How about war?
I said since long that by the time that Saturn moves into Capricorn and nears Pluto, we could expect a brutal war - hopefully and most likely not a full-blown world war - but a large historical conflict, slightly smaller than WWI. This is just a prediction but as historical patterns tend to repeat often, I am afraid that I am confident with this prediction. The period 2016-2020 is a dark period, more pessimistic periods (see previous posts for my information about why). I expect that the Saturn-Pluto brutal conjunction would bring even a few localized nuclear warfare events. Also a limited conflict with Russia is also possible.

How about 2020 and after?
Then the world should expect a slightly lighter period, albeit quite revolutionary and still unstable. In fact this period mirrors the American and French revolutions, so I expect again great changes in those two countries. Pluto transits Aquarius - potencially great disruption or change not only through scientific and technological advance but also a time of social revolutions, uprisings and great society and political change. Look for a time of great leaders that inspire and deceive (further enhanced by the Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Aries).

The negative side is use of new technology in warfare and terror; a world still ridden wirh ethnic conflicts (especially regarding muslims) throughout the next decade. The US likely to be involved in a major war abroad by 2027 (as that 84 year old cycle repeats itself). The positive side is fantastic new scientific discoveries and technological steps forward. Expect the flying car, free energy, trips to the space, quantum computers, holograms, 3D printers, etc.

But how Trump, the unpredictable, will be as a president?

Stay tuned for next post. we will talk about Trump personality based in his natal chart.
And what he is likely to behave and do.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Horoscope FUN! The Zodiac Signs as Historical Women

I find this the other day and I find it inspiring!

The signs as Historical Women

Aries: Joan of Arc; rebellious and undaunted
Taurus: Rosa Parks; defiant and rightfully stubborn
Gemini: Sappho; poetically shed light on divergent sexualities
Cancer: Frida Kahlo; artistic and expressive
Leo: Queen Elizabeth; regal and independent
Virgo: Marilyn Monroe; beautiful and inspiring
Libra: Harriet Tubman; passionate for equality
Scorpio: Mata Hari; pridefully owned her sexuality (makes sense isn´t it!)
Sagittarius: Cleopatra; clever, ambitious, risk-taker
Capricorn: Princess Diana; respectfully kind and charitable
Aquarius: Amelia Earhart; fearless and adventurous
Pisces: Malala Yousafzai; soft spoken, but has something important to say

Who are you? Does it fit to you?

Princess Diana, though a Cancer herself, she seems to be inspiring the Capricorn women!


Sunday, October 23, 2016

The crisis of 2010 to 2030, with turning points around 2016 and 2023

  • Economic crisis of 2010
  • The political backlash against establishment of 2016
  • Political divisions and conflict tensions grow in 2019
  • Revolutionary war starts in 2023 and develops through 2026
  • New world order in 2030

In 2010, economic crisis began and social unrest. This occurs when Uranus is in the early degrees of Aries, as during the crash of 2008 and the crash of 1929. Also economic crisis happened in 1844 and 1761. We could track many cycles of 84 years backwards to find similar repeating crisis. This crisis goes for about 4-7 years, until a backlash against the status-quo grows to a significant momentum.

By 2016, with Uranus in late Aries, a growing backlash against the establishment is occuring. This is nowadays seen in Brexit, Trump, Putin and many other populist leaders, and religious extremism. Back in 1933, this was also happening in Europe, with the same nationalistic extremist tendency, as well as back in 1848, the so-called year of revolutions. And another Uranus cycle backwards, the American revolution was brewing back in 1767. This is the time that the masses (and their elected leaders), rise against the establishment. We should expect more of this anti-establishment backlash in 2016 and the next seven years. The beginning of the backlash sets the dominant tone for the rest of the revolutionary wave. In the current case, it´s an anti-globalization tone and issues around migration and religion.

Not only Brexit happened, but Trump will win the US election. Why? First because he fits the zeitgeist of this backlash against the establishment which I predicted to happen in 2016. Some years ago, I also predicted a hardcore republican to win in 2016, because the atmosphere in the years ahead will become much more unstable and war-oriented, which made me think the hallmark of a republican president. Trump fits perfectly with Mars in the ascendant, and with transiting Saturn coming to oppose his Gemini Sun, and Pluto coming to opposition to his natal Saturn, both meaning leadership and a ruthless deeply transforming caracter. With the current Uranus-Pluto square, Trump fits clearly with the picture of a future US president.

By 2019, Uranus in early Taurus, political divisions worldwide are intense and extreme, crystalized, tensions growing and boldly clashing with each other, threating a conflict. This happened in the years leading to WWII, in 1936, with increased millitarization and division in Europe, in 1853 during the Taiping Rebellion or the simmering tensions leading to American civil war, or in the early years of the American revolution in 1770. Also during the Glorious revolution of 1688. In Europe we can predict that the EU will break apart into different groups, clashing with each other, and those same sharp divisions can explode within America or between America and Mexico, the western world and the muslim world, Russia-US or US-China. Historic revolution is just starting. Whatever is going to happen, now it´s just on the edge of developing. Pay attention to what happens in the world. This period of tension lasts about seven years from the time as anti-establishment backlash starts until a proper revolution or war begins.

And by 2023 revolutionary war starts (Uranus is in late Taurus). At this time, tensions do not hold anymore and war begins. WWII is an example (1940), American civil war (1857) as well as American revolutionary war (1774) or the Peasant war (1525). By 2026, as Uranus enters Gemini, an intense full-blown historical conflict or revolution happens (same astrological point as in 1943, 1860 and 1777). The revolution lasts around seven years until a new social order re-organizes itself.

And by 2030, a new world order is indeed very different (this was happened back in 1947, 1864 and 1781)