Sunday, October 30, 2016

Horoscope FUN! The Astrology Signs as Breakfast foods!

  • People are always excited with something that they can identify with, so these series of "signs as..." is quite popular fun!
  • Now, up to the fun!
  • Signs as breakfast foods
  • Aries:Fruit loops
  • Taurus:berries and greek yogurt
  • Gemini:Egg McMuffins
  • Cancer:French Toast
  • Leo:Breakfast omelets
  • Virgo:Breakfast Smoothies
  • Libra:Crepes
  • Scorpio:Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Sagittarius:Porridge and Berries
  • Capricorn:Pancakes
  • Aquarius:Waffles
  • Pisces:Toast and Butter
  • Stay tuned every week, for a brand new "signs as..."

I am a porridge, a bit boring, but healthy and certainly it describes my Saggitarian nature!

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