Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump wins - The astrology of it - Is Trump going to build the wall?

Trump wins.

Regardless of our political opinion, the fact is that astrology was favouring Trump as a candidate.

I long said, since early 2008 (even before Obama), that the 2016 election would result in a sharp combative, most-likely Republican president. 

This was one of the easiest US elections to predict in recent history. 

The astrology clearly favours a sharp revolutionary candidate (Uranus in Aries). If Bernie Sanders would have been candidate, perhaps he would been elected president.

With Uranus transiting Aries and Pluto transiting Capricorn, it´s all about dramatic historical change.
Hillary Clinton does not represent change, while Trump represents shocking change. In this regard, Uranus in Aries favours a sharp, fiercy, peculiar, combative candidate.

Can we expect Trump confronting the-powers-that-be?
Absolutely. Uranus in Aries vs Pluto in Capricorn is all about this.

But we can also expect America near a civil-war case, with extreme political divisions, anger and unstability. Because the cardinal square favours sharp contrasting conflicts. At best, the tension remains just as tension and nothing blows out of proportion. But we can´t be sure.

Will Trump rule with a iron fist? Yes, most likely.
Pluto in Capricorn favours iron-fist leaders. And in fact we should expect this also in future elections in European countries, Austria, France, Netherlands. The astrological zeigeist favours rightwing authoritarians across the world up to 2021, but more radical left-wing revolutionary leaders around 2025.

Can we expect Trump to actually build the Wall and deport millions of illegal migrants?
Actually yes.
Uranus in Aries favours peculiar and large-scale political measures.
While he might not actually fence the entire spread of the American border, he will certainly create a show that he is doing it - most likely he will deport many people - and certainly he will stir up further the racial and ethnical conflicts within US soil. 

This could create a fertile ground for a time of revolutions, uprisings and civil wars throughout the 2020s across the globe, and that can also happen in American soil. Trump must thread carefully.

How about the economy?
The US situation is not going to improve, regardless of who could have been elected. There are difficult times for the world economy ahead, as Uranus will transit Taurus. This is a repeat of the mid-1930s. A long expected stock market crash will likely happen - as the worst of the great global recession should hit bottom by 2020 (when Pluto-Saturn conjunct in Capricorn). 

How about war?
I said since long that by the time that Saturn moves into Capricorn and nears Pluto, we could expect a brutal war - hopefully and most likely not a full-blown world war - but a large historical conflict, slightly smaller than WWI. This is just a prediction but as historical patterns tend to repeat often, I am afraid that I am confident with this prediction. The period 2016-2020 is a dark period, more pessimistic periods (see previous posts for my information about why). I expect that the Saturn-Pluto brutal conjunction would bring even a few localized nuclear warfare events. Also a limited conflict with Russia is also possible.

How about 2020 and after?
Then the world should expect a slightly lighter period, albeit quite revolutionary and still unstable. In fact this period mirrors the American and French revolutions, so I expect again great changes in those two countries. Pluto transits Aquarius - potencially great disruption or change not only through scientific and technological advance but also a time of social revolutions, uprisings and great society and political change. Look for a time of great leaders that inspire and deceive (further enhanced by the Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Aries).

The negative side is use of new technology in warfare and terror; a world still ridden wirh ethnic conflicts (especially regarding muslims) throughout the next decade. The US likely to be involved in a major war abroad by 2027 (as that 84 year old cycle repeats itself). The positive side is fantastic new scientific discoveries and technological steps forward. Expect the flying car, free energy, trips to the space, quantum computers, holograms, 3D printers, etc.

But how Trump, the unpredictable, will be as a president?

Stay tuned for next post. we will talk about Trump personality based in his natal chart.
And what he is likely to behave and do.


ddddd said...

You say that Trump winning the election was one of the easiest predictions for you.

How come than more than 90% astrologers "saw" killary winning ? Surely they werent all in the pockets of the ruling elite ?

AstroAng said...

It was an obvious prediction for me too as I didn't delve into the micro detail of individual charts but looked at the geocosmic patterns going back 200 years. Look at the pattern of the rogue, populist, out of the box, totally unexpected candidate thrown up by Uranus in Aries. The Saturn Neptune square has fogged the issue for many including astrologers. Maybe there was a hidden bias in those astrologers predicting Clinton. I am not American so I didn't allow bias to affect my thinking. Astrologers should report the astrology and not get involved in exchanging personal opinion.

Occam's razor is often the best approach in complex situations. I agree 100% with this astrologer. I should have put money on it!

MaxT said...

Will US win this "major war abroad by 2027" because i'm guessing it will have something to do with China.

I came across Chinese astrologer on youtube who predicts there will be a WW3 in 2024-2026 and Communist China will fall between 2024-2026.

Neptune on Libra 0 degree 1778-1783 - American Independence War

Neptune on Aries 0 degree 1861-1865 - American Civil War

Neptune on Libra 0 degree 1941-1944 - Second World War

Neptune on Aries 0 degree 2024-2026 - Third World War

Here is his prediction do you agree with him? Let me know

AstroAng said...

Max T Thanks for this. I get a strong feeling this may be correct although I think there will be other major conflicts before it too especially with the Saturn/Pluto conj - trade wars? I am 60 and have never felt so anxious or fearful until now yet the majority of the people are unaware of what's about to hit. Today I tried to explain the astrological weather to a non astrologer and was told it was time to change my medication!

Nathan Fleischman said...

How many do you predict Trump will have?

Nathan Fleischman said...

I meant how many terms