Thursday, December 22, 2016

2016. The eleventh hour.

This is a long post.

2016 has been a shock year worldwide. It seemed dark.

Well, according to my astrological theory, the period of 2016 to 2020 is one of the most difficult and deconstructive periods in world history, I am sorry to say. Mostly because of political extremism.

The period that follows it, 2021-2030 seems to be a radical change of the world order, and many social revolutions, some inspiring but also potencially destructive civil wars and major wars.

Hopefully not, but the astrology does favour a period of radicalism and conflict.

Whatever happens it will leave a deep mark in the history books of the future.

Trump is president-elect, and far right populism spreads across Europe. Many rumours of war. And religious extremism. There is now a significant risk of repeating the danger of the horrors observed in the 1930s, when Uranus was last time in Aries, Pluto was in the opposite sign of Cancer, and Saturn transited from Capricorn to Aries.

This is going to be repeated from 2018 to 2025. (except that Pluto transits Aquarius)

Historically, similar periods have happened beforehand several times. Not just in the 1930s! Back in the 1840s (Uranus was also transiting Aries, and Pluto/Saturn also in cardinal signs), popular revolt surged across nearly every country of Europe, while China and North America faced brutal civil wars.

Pluto was also in Capricorn and Aquarius in 1770s and 1780s, when the America revolution and French revolution happened, amidst a nearly global state of war. Before that Pluto was also in Capricorn and Aquarius, when the Protestant revolution started and Europe descended into civil wars.

Do you see the pattern?
Do you see what is unfolding nowadays?

I can´t imagine that our societal structures and the psyche of mankind has evolved sufficiently to go beyong this danger of war. In fact, the stupidity that resulted in the current wave of events is proof that further chaos and conflict lies ahead. Trump represents a great danger to the world. The current state of the European politics represents another significant risk. Putin and China too.

The transits of outer planets in cardinal signs - like it happens now and it happened in the 1930s, 1840s and 1770s - stir up the collective of mankind into radical urges. While some are constructive, revolutionary and inspiring, many urges are irrational and fear-driven/ anger-driven, therefore resulting in very destructive manifestations, such as wars.

Its difficult to say what happens next. A global war? The breakup of European union? A financial meltdown? Trump and Brexit are definitively game-changers. But there will be more big things unfolding in years ahead.

Back in tje 1930s, everyone got shocked bit by bit, but all assumed that no disaster would ever happened despite the increasing gloom. It´s time to learn the lesson.

- - - - - -

It is time for me to focus in the positive. Because there is nothing we can´t do regarding these global events.

It is time to engage and be a pioneer of the new and the good, the constructive and inspiring, with a spirit of love and peace.

Neptune in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will inspire idealism and ideology to new heights, next decade. Whether in civil wars, or in positive little good revolutions in your daily life.

It is time to brainstorm what these positive revolutions might be.

Alternative monetary systems. A new global political system for peace and prosperity. A reinvention of democracy? Inspiring new political leaders? An ecological revolution and recovery? Or do we go back to the land, in face of a collapsing world?

Are we going to learn the hard difficult way, just like in the 1930s and 1940s?

One thing is sure. We cannot run away from the problems of the world. The forgotten populations, the frustation feelings in the masses. The mass unemployement. A fragile, unsustainable and unfair financial system. Religious fundamentalism. Increasing climate change. Ecological problems. Mass migrations. Nuclear proliferation. It is time NOW to address these challenges. It´s not time for the status quo. It´s time for a change. Hopefully a peaceful and constructive one.

I know it´s very challenging to find positive solutions for these dramatic problems. But we need that more bright minds come forward and speak out their inspiring solutions.

I wish that 2017 be a year that inspires the future for the best.

Happy New Year for all of you.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Horoscope FUN! Zodiac signs as.... a Law firm

It´s Sunday evening, and time for a new "zodiac signs as..." series!

Signs as... people the Law firm I used to work for has represented!
Aries: Caught fire because a neighbor fucked up at operating a tractor so bad that literally everything for like a quarter mile caught fire.
Taurus: Stalked by co-worker, sued management for not doing anything about the co-worker. Management defended their inaction on the grounds that the stalker was from Eastern Europe and they thought stalking was “pretty much culturally expected over there.”
Gemini: Hacked a company’s store credit system and bought a bunch of stuff on nonexistent store credit; defended self on grounds that their security system was really badly designed and the store was asking for it.
Cancer: Angry preacher who wanted to shut up the people on the internet saying they ran an “orgy church.”
Leo: Kept a lion in a small enclosure in their yard.
Virgo: Assault with deadly weapon. Deadly weapon in question was a chainsaw.
Libra: Police officer fired for “taking the whole ethics thing way too far,” ie, interfering with other officers’ crimes.
Scorpio: Murdered "an old friend.” Obviously 100% guilty, visibly 100% unrepentant. Jury let them off, to the firm’s total bewilderment. Sent senior partner a lovely fruit basket.
Sagittarius: Used work email account and work computer to exchange sexual fantasies and photographs involving horses with like-minded individuals.
Capricorn: Their goats wandered onto their neighbors’ property “one time too many,” so the neighbors shot the goats.
Aquarius: Shot at neighbors, including a grade-schooler, for walking across their yard. When police were called, was enraged and offended, particularly when the police also walked across their yard. When asked whether the neighbors had in fact been threatening them in any way, appeared to be genuinely hurt by the question, and began complaining about how hard their life was and how little anyone understood their woes.
Pisces: Doctor suing the state for preventing patients on probation from taking their medications, which the state thought were probably basically the same as cocaine

Stay tuned every week, for more!