Thursday, January 19, 2017

Astrological predictions for 2017....

Predictions for 2017 and beyond. The world will be very polarized, radicalized and volatile. It is difficult to forecast, but these are my guesses.

  • UK triggers article 50 but then gets involved in a new political crisis involving Brexit. Social tensions rise considerably in the country. Scotland pushes for a referendum in attempts to join EU.
  • Spain: Catalonia pushes for a referendum (fears of a regional conflict could start)
  • Italy gets a bailout, due a bank failure. A renewed Euro crisis, It might influence some European elections in 2017.
  • A big unknown, and hopefully I am wrong, but it is likely that anti-eu nationalists win either in France or in Germany, despite how unlikely it seems now. This is important, because, despite all the crisis, the other country - either France or Germany - will lead an isolated, fragmented and surviving European Union afterwards, even if opposed by the US, UK, Russia and euroskeptic East Europe countries and despite increased IS attacks and a new Euro crisis. But against all odds, the EU and the Euro survives. 
  • Netherlands pushes for an exit of the currency too.
  • Polland and Turkey might push for a stronger regional and authoritarian power status.
  • Trump builds the wall. Some deportations begin. But its more show and propaganda.
  • Trump scandals continue. Faces scrunity of the election hack and Putin links. 
  • US economy in good shape in 2017, but will suffer considerably by the end of the decade.
  • The most negative thing. Trump will get involved into major wars. When? That´s the question, but he will agressively trigger them, between now and 2022. Perhaps Iran, Koreas and later China. Initially a cold war with China, including trade war and cyber war. US likely to be involved in a major physical war by 2022. Australia and India will probably be involved too. It will considerably change the integrity of the US, perhaps with a breakup into separate blocks.
  • Trump and Putin ties are initially good, but later ties sour. Despite that everyone focus in the Baltics, Russia might create a conflict in Moldova or the Balcans. If it´s the Balcans, then a crisis starts about how other european countries might interveene.
  • Uber presents first flying cars, sometime between 2017 and the middle of next decade.
  • Alien disclosure not likely in 2017, but instead later in the 2020s.


Anonymous said...

Any predictions for the 2020 Presidential Election?

Anonymous said...

Will marine le Pen win the French election?

Anonymous said...

There are some psychics and astrologers saying that Trump will not complete his first term. What do you think?

Mykka B said...

I also am wondering if Trump will complete his term in office? Any insight?

Anonymous said...

You are right Trump's scandals. You are also right about Trump's relationship with Putin going sour. It has clearly occurred after the airstrike in Syria.

Gemstone said...

I like Your Predictions . I feel Trump may have a Hard Time .

Amit lamba
Amit lamba