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Uranus in Taurus. Political backlash against the status-quo, could lead to devastating wars

URANUS IN TAURUS and GEMINI - 2017 to 2031

A pattern of economic crisis (2010) > popular political revolts (now) > major wars (2024) > new world order (2031)

The transit of Uranus between Aries and Cancer (2010 to 2031) is consistent with a pattern of sudden great historical changes. Expect them!

What happens?

- During the transit in Aries and especially Taurus, ECONOMIC CRISIS (marked in yellow) usually happens. As existings leaders become highly unpopular, a backlash of RADICAL POLITICAL REVOLTS AGAINST THE STATUS-QUO develops (marked in red). This is expected between 2017 to 2024 and in fact it is already happening as I predicted ever since 2007.

- During the transit of Gemini, such radical political upheavals lead to DEVASTATING WAR (marked in blue) This happened in 70% of the cases. In the remaining cases, the big wars started in the transit of Cancer (so slightly later). In all cases, except two, EUROPE was the battleground of the war, in the other two it was NORTH AMERICA. The scale ranges from the America civil war and German Peasant war, to the WWII. This is expected between 2024 and 2031.

- During the transit of Cancer, significant politicial and European-wide political rearrangements happened (marked in green). Often a NEW WORLD ORDER emerges. Sometimes in form of historical revolutions (marked in orange). Often a period of economic recession, alongside with the reconstruction from the war times. This is expected between 2031 and 2038.

1934 - Following the Great Depression, Hitler rises to power. Great Purge in Russia. Events leading to the WWII unfold across Europe. Chinese civil war.
1941- World war II
1948- End of war. Many changes worldwide. UN and NATO established. Steps towards an EU. Independence of India.

1851 - Against the background of economic crisis and the Irish famine, and after the 1848 revolutions, radical conservatism emerged in Europe. Italy and Germany progressed to unification, France under dictatorship. Taiping rebellion (Chinese civil war) starts. British Raj in India. Gold rush in America and social tensions prior to American civil war 
1858- Civil war in America starts. British raj in India
1865- Unification of Italy and Germany. Long Depression starts. Paris Commune.

1768 - Stamp act, popular revolt and American revolution starts,
1775- America Revolutionary War, a global conflict involving Spain, France and UK.
1782- Famine and economic crisis across Europe. French Revolution begins

1685 - Glorious revolution in UK in 1688 
1692 - (nothing else significant happened)
1705- War of Spanish Succession starts, another major worldwide war.

1602 - Time of Troubles in Russia (nothing else significant happened). Religious tensions in Germany
1609- Religious tensions and political tensions deepen
1616- Thirty Year War, a devastating Europe-wide conflict

1519 - Spanish conquest of Americas. Luther protestant revolution
1526 - German Peasant War (an European-wide conflict). Siege of Vienna. Mughal Empire in India
1533 - Protestant revolutions continue

Who will likely cause it? Trump!

From what we saw above, we could expect the political tensions to grow ever since 2010 until the end of this decade. We already seen a few examples of brewing tensions (Brexit, Russia, Trump, China, Isis, Turkey, EU). It is highly likely that by 2022 or 2024 these tensions develop into a war that could be devastating. Historically this war should be linked to the political backlash events that already happened (Brexit, Trump) or might still happen.

In most likelihood, Trump could trigger a breakdown of a number of situation across the globe: a conflict with China or in the Koreas, a conflict in Europe due to Russia, a conflict with the Islamic world or, just by words, trigger further popular anger across Europe that leads to civil wars or a breakdown of the EU. It is unlikely that we will see a global war like WWII (I speak of these reasons why in other previous articles), but instead we could expect a massive regional war. Examples could be between the US and China, Russia and parts of Europe, or with the Islamic world. This is the most likely "worst case scenario", which tends to happen 70% of the times, historically. The possibility of a mix of trade wars, cyber wars and hacked elections, is another possibility, albeit new.

There is also a change that civil wars are only located to either the US or one or two of the major countries in Europe (Brexit and France are other risk factors too). There is a minor change that no war happens and only major political events - like the breakup of the integrity of the EU or the USA - becoming the dominant historical event (this is a "best case scenario").

The possibility is (estimated at 90%) that we might see either the breakup of the EU or the USA, in the next 15 years, irregardless of whether a major war occurs or not.

Historically, there hasn´t been a period in recent Uranus in Taurus transits, dominated by constructive historical changes. Except for things in the background like new scientific revolutions and inventions.


Saturn enters Capricorn for a 2.5year transit in 2018, and it has done so in the past in the following years:
1988 - this marked the end of the Soviet Union and cold war. The Berlin wall fall in 1989.
1959 - the start of the Vietnam war, and two years later, the Cuban Missile Crisis
1929 - stock market crash and the start of the Great Depression
1900 (nothing special happened)
1871 - Paris commune and two years later, a stock market crash, start of Long Depression
1841 - period of economic depression

Saturn in Capricorn is correlated with economic depression and also with changes between the relationship of North America and Russia. Also important political historical changes can happen in Europe (about half of the times). This could be linked to what we might see between 2018 and 2021.


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