Monday, March 27, 2017

Who will win the French 2017 election?

Fillon does not seem to win: his natal Sun in Pisces is being transited by Neptune, this means confusion, and does not bode well for a victory, instead it leads to scandal and loss. His north node in Capricorn being transited by Pluto reinforces this idea.

Melenchon seems also to be in a good position. natal Jupiter in Aries opposed by transiting Jupiter speaks of a bubble of excitement and expansion, but probably short-lived. Also his planets in Virgo are opposed by transiting Neptune, speaking of the public enchantement with his utopian ideals. Neptune has also transited his north node. Probably he may qualify to second round, as an unexpected "phenomena" (or get near to that), but still I dont think he will win presidency. In the end, he may resemble Bernie Sanders phenomena.

Macron: a very good position to win: North node in Libra, transited by Jupiter. His natal Sun will be transited by Saturn (leadership and responsability). Also outstanding is that his natal Sun, is also opposed by Jupiter and trined by Saturn, so when Saturn transits this point, in months ahead, this is very positive and constructive. His chart, compared to the other two candidates, is far better for a victory, and alone, under normal calm circuntances I would say he would win without a doubt, but then there is Le Pen chart...

Le Pen. She also has an excellent chart for a victory. Her Capricorn moon is about to be transited by Saturn (leadership and responsability). What is actually interesting is that both Le Pen and Macron have this position in the last degree of Sagittarius (respectively her moon and his sun), meaning they will be probably going both to second round and tied in the destiny of France, for two months of further campaign. Transiting Jupiter opposes her natal Saturn and squares her natal Mars, this also bodes very well for a fiercy agressive leadership position, or the very least, a long-drawn political battle. Her north node, also located in mid cardinal sign like Macron, has been also transited by Jupiter. Finally, Neptune opposes her Jupiter, which gives her the advantage of also an element of mystique, like Melenchon.

In summary, Le Pen and Macron seem to go to second round. Melenchon may do an impressive result, but short of a second round. In the second round, the race seems very tight, Le Pen seems slightly more likely to win. Considering the crazy backlash against establishment, since 2016, I would say that Le Pen has a fair change of winning and end up as president of France, but for sure the political battle between the two is going to be fierce. I will write another article after the first round of election.


Anonymous said...

I watch carefully you posts for many years now and I am impressed by the accuracy of your predictions. If you achieve another successful prediction against the educated opinion of all political analysts worldwide -they unanimously consider an ultra-right wing President for France as something impossible (but we all now what happened with the US elections)- then you will have my vote of confidence to you, and astrology of course, for once more.

Please find some time to write for us more about the coming European crisis.

Nick P.

Anonymous said...

Your predictions about Melancon proved extremely accurate, he scored last debate pretty well. Given you successful record of predictions, I wonder what this already hellish Europe might look like the years ahead, if Le Pen and the rest keep galloping.

Yet, to my surprise, your prediction about GRexit in your previous post seems that it won't prove true. They seem to have settle the issue to everyone's interests - except taxpayers and pensioners of course as such things are usually done. Do you thing there should be a different interpretation, or is there something in European or national horoscope that might trigger a greater crisis?

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel Macron is the winner of the French election.

astropedia said...

Another cracking prediction and massive insights for all of us to reflect on and watch as events unfold. You are right to be wary of birth times for high profile people – why should they reveal such info to the rest of us? They may not even know what time they were born – I don’t know mine and will never be able to find out now. I love the French, such creative,sensitive and wonderful people who have been through some awful times recently, truly dreadful. I hope they get some brilliant times ahead.
Jessica, this prediction leads me to ask if you could do a piece on what you see for the future of ISIS? Terrorism has been going on for centuries in various places around the world, at different times, so I don’t see an end to it ever, but I would be interested to find out how you see things progressing. As for the EU, I have always believed that Maastricht was a treaty too far, which is a shame, because the EEC worked reasonably well. If the French people get a referendum on it, this will be much more critical to the rest of Europe than brexit, in so many ways. As ever, your insights would help many of us make sense of the world as it is right now.