Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Astrology of North Korea and the last US solar eclipse

The chart of North Korea shows very interesting things, both as a natal chart and its current and near-future transits.

The chart features a radical unconventional rebel Uranus in the ascendant degree.
Which is opposed the Moon and Jupiter, both in Sagittarius, so prone to radical emotional swings, and exageration and grandeur.

Ultimately this also gives a quite technological and scientific bent.

Jupiter is squared by the Sun, again exageration, optimism and over-the-top tendency.
And Mercury conjunct Neptune in Libra, which relates to a strongly ideological, devoted and justice-oriented way of thinking.

Mars in Scorpio suggests intense privacy and obsession, with a tendency to hit sharply if threatened. Especially in the context of the previous astrological factors.
And with all planets under the horizon, this adds even more to the intense isolation and privacy.

How about the transits?
Neptune is about to oppose the natal Sun next year, specifically next summer.
This suggest intense activity, devotion and a change for North Korea, through relationships with other countries.

At same time, next summer, Uranus will oppose natal Mars. This strongly suggest the change of an ongoing or a starting war by next summer. Before this, Jupiter will conjunct the natal Mars by the end of October, suggesting an escalation of the current behavior. In December, Mars also transits through this region, adding further evidence that the situation in North Korea will only become more provocative and dynamic in these next last months of 2017.

Finally, Pluto is making a trine to the natal Sun, and Saturn is about to transit the Descendant in December 2017, suggesting an intense period towards the end of 2017 and 2018.

It is important to remark that the past Solar Eclipse of August 2017 was conjunct the Korean natal Saturn, and conjunct the natal Mars and ascendant of Donald Trump (and opposed US´Moon)! Mars just transited this point today!
This relates perfectly to the ongoing conflict, bringing Mars energy to the US, and Saturn energy to North Korea. Mars triggered the eclipse energy, with the sixth nuclear test.
But this time things might develop differently in the weeks ahead.

10th September is the national anniversary of the hermit nation. On itself, it might mean some provocation. But Mercury transits that point in 22 October and Mars in 4 October (when the Sun , just a couple of weeks before Jupiter conjuncts with natal Mars,

In my oppinion, we will see an escalation in October and a war sometimes thereafter, lasting at least until the summer of 2018. I have no idea of how such conflict might be, but we can and perhaps should prepare for this.